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MATRIXX Software announces the next generation of its cloud native Digital Commerce Platform, built to support both 5G Converged Charging (CCS) and 4G Online Charging (OCS) within a single solution.  Operators such as Dish and AT&T Mexico are already deploying this latest release.

As operators roll out 5G StandAlone (SA), converged charging has become a critical and strategic network function. MATRIXX offers the most advanced cloud native solution on the market for 4G and 5G network-grade charging. By enabling resources to be monetized in ways not possible with previous generations of mobile technology, MATRIXX’s latest 5G CCS supports innovative offerings such as dynamic pricing and application-aware monetization.  

“The business models for 5G will be radically different than those for 4G services. 5G services demand a new level of responsiveness, as “networks on demand” support tailored offerings with nuance and scale not available in legacy networks,” said Marc Price, CTO MATRIXX Software. “These advances will impact both enterprise and consumer pricing models as 5G matures. To recoup 5G investments, operators need charging solutions that efficiently support dynamic plans and the ability to monetize billions of transactions at speed and scale.”

MATRIXX Digital Commerce supports automated and dynamic pricing for 5G services such as network slicing and edge-based charging use cases. MATRIXX charging services are designed to scale up and down seamlessly, move out of the core network and into the network’s edge for lower latency, apply different policies and prices for reliability and quality, and a myriad of other value-added resources.  

Deployable in both public and private cloud environments, MATRIXX Digital Commerce provides a single platform and point of configuration for both LTE and 5G SA services and devices, giving operators a secure and efficient path to migrate customers and offerings.

MATRIXX supports the standard 3GPP defined interfaces along with an extensive set of charging-based APIs and Business Support System (BSS) APIs to enable operators to easily build and efficiently scale new 5G offerings. MATRIXX 5G CCS provides operators the flexibility and speed they need to transcend connectivity and utility pricing and adopt new business models around NaaS, platform as a service, and B2B2X.

Enhancements in this generation of software include:

  • Full support of 3GPP specified N40 and N28 SBA interfaces for SMF converged charging and PCF spending limit control integration
  • Microservices based cloud native reference architecture – production-ready architecture that is agnostic to the underlying node infrastructure, so operators maintain optionality of ecosystem partners
  • CI/CD pipeline for zero-touch deployments that massively improve efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • Centralized monitoring using open source Prometheus, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) graduated project
  • Unified logging via fluentd, an open source CNCF graduated project
  • 5G CCS enhancements including Network Reference Function (NRF) load capacity reporting and CHF throttling for dynamic monetization of 5G services as they are instantiated, scaled and terminated
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