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PCCW Solutions, the IT services flagship of PCCW Limited, has launched Infinitum Communications Suite (ICS), a cloud-native platform with fully-integrated business and operations support system solutions to help communications service providers (CSPs) quickly launch new offerings, transform digital engagement and drive operational excellence.

ICS consists of four modular components, namely Digital Experience Suite, Agent Desktop Suite, Product Catalog Suite and Order Management Suite, with rich functionalities to automate and streamline the end-to-end selling, ordering and monetizing processes in supporting multiple business units of CSPs on a single platform.

Built upon microservices architecture and TM Forum’s Open APIs, ICS offers agility and interoperability to ease integration, speed up deployment and drive innovation. CSPs can leverage ICS to accelerate products launch from months to days, improve time-to-market by 20% and target enabling a 30% growth in revenue as well as doubling operational efficiency by streamlining IT implementation. 

The solution supports CSPs to sell across channels through self-service portal, AI-powered bots and customized mobile application, delivering omni-channel experience to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn rate. Powered by data analytics hub to capture and analyze customer interactions, ICS helps CSPs to provide data-driven recommendations and more personalized offers to improve conversion rates and increase revenue. 

Mr. Ramez Younan, Managing Director of PCCW Solutions, said, “PCCW Solutions has been driving innovation and developing Intellectual Property (IP) solutions to empower digital transformation and the growth of enterprises in various industries across the region. Infinitum Communications Suite integrates the cutting-edge technologies like 5G, cloud-native platform and open APIs, enabling the communications service providers to accelerate innovation, stay competitive and deliver better customer-centric services.”

ICS is the latest industry-specific solutions within the Infinitum Business Suite family, which is an integrated digital solutions suite to transform businesses end-to-end. 

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