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Etisalat Digital announced its Cloud Electronic Medical Record, a ground-breaking solution for healthcare establishments to efficiently share data in real-time throughout the UAE as it moves towards a world-class healthcare system ensuring a longer, happier and healthier life for all citizens.

This is in line with the long-term goal of the UAE leadership and Vision 2021 to take healthcare to the next level, applying international standards to the infrastructure management of health facilities in the country. Etisalat Digital’s solution will meet the government’s mandate for a centralised medical record for ‘Every citizen and resident’. In the near future, the solution aims to connect more than 3,000 UAE based public and private sector healthcare providers, with an aim to efficiently share data in real-time throughout the country.

The Cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Platform being provisioned by Etisalat Digital, addresses some of the pertinent challenges that private independent healthcare practices may face in adopting an electronic patient record system. Etisalat’s turnkey, fully managed, resilient and secure SD-WAN solution connects all the authorised clinics/pharmacies to a secure and central database.

Commenting on the launch, Salvador Anglada, group chief business officer, Etisalat, said, “Our ambition in healthcare has always been to enable digital transformation by introducing the right technologies that create sustainable operating models and help us move towards a value-based health system. This centralised healthcare solution will also help meet the strategic objectives of the government in building a world-class healthcare system in the country. Etisalat’s new healthcare solution will leverage on its strength in advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), cloud computing, 5G and Internet of Things supporting the digital transformation of the health sector as well as key national health initiatives.”

The Cloud EMR platform and associated services make it seamless for private practices to subscribe and start using the platform. In addition to keeping electronic records, the platform provides a host of digital tools that bring efficiencies to day-to-day operations and aide in practice management. Leveraging on cloud computing, the EMR platform is designed to scale quickly and serve hundreds of private practices in the near future.

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