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The TDRA Virtual Academy launched the cloud computing national capacity development program that aims to qualify national human resources and support entrepreneurs in cloud computing.

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this new training program consists of 36 training hours over 2 weeks, during which participants will obtain a range of knowledge and skills related to cloud computing. The hours were distributed between direct distance training and self-training.

Commenting on the newly introduced program, Engineer Majid Almadhloum, director of CoDI at TDRA, said, “We at TDRA Virtual Academy are keen to provide training programs that support UAE’s vision and future goals in preparing a 4IR-ready generation capable of dealing with technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and big data in order to provide innovative projects and services supporting the development process in the UAE and contributing to the happiness of the Emirati society.”

Eng. Almadhloum confirmed that the program will provide trainees with an opportunity to learn about the latest cloud computing technologies. “Cloud computing is a key tool of the current technological age, as it provides easy solutions for large volume data storage, and subsequently uses the same in providing smart services, data analytics, and other technologies. And to make the most out of the program, we have been eager to cooperate with Amazon Web Services, the world leader in this technology, whereby participants will receive their knowledge by international experts,” he added.

At the end of the program, participants will take internationally accredited exams enabling them to be professionally certified by AWS, which in turn would help them move up the career ladder and achieve success in their careers.

The TDRA Virtual Academy is an integrated training platform providing online and traditional courses in business, technology, and special skills. Created as a key initiative of the government’s transformation program, the platform has received thousands of trainees from across the world, offering the latest training programs in Arabic and English conducted by international instructors and experts in training.
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