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MYCOM OSI, a leading independent provider of assurance, automation, and analytics solutions to some of the world’s largest communications service providers (CSPs), launched its own enterprise assurance solutions for CSPs to help them deliver and assure high-capacity and high-reliability advanced connectivity services for enterprises.

The solutions enable proactive, real-time identification of service quality and customer impact analysis, providing visibility of the enterprise SLAs, and correlating network issues to enterprise experience.

The MYCOM OSI enterprise assurance solutions (through the family of Service Quality Impact Analyzers™) operated on Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduces advanced support for enterprise services, such as fixed and mobile broadband, IPTV, IP-VPN, SD-WAN, and 5G slicing based digital services, enabling CSPs to maintain high performance for their corporate, wholesale and enterprise business units. The solution provides intelligent correlations between a range of data sources including CRM, FM, PM, probes/big data, unified network, and service topology, and generates automatic trouble tickets benefitting both the CSP operations teams as well as the customers.

“We are delighted to extend our Telco Transformation Solutions by introducing Enterprise Assurance to the portfolio,” said Mounir Ladki, president and CTO at MYCOM OSI. “For CSPs offering advanced differentiated 5G services to their enterprise customers, service performance and reliability are increasingly meaningful as a differentiator and monetization enabler. Using analytics, automation, and closed-loop, we offer the highest performance and reliability required for advanced connectivity services.”

“As CSPs accelerate their 5G coverage, the Enterprise Assurance Solutions support them with a single-pane-of-glass, identifying problems before the enterprise customers are impacted, providing visibility of the enterprise SLAs. It also offers service performance status to the enterprise through an enterprise portal,” said Jithu Raghavendran, VP-telco transformation solutions at MYCOM OSI.

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