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Etisalat launched its Business Edge Healthcare platform, a plethora of services dedicated to enhance and empower hospitals, ambulatory practices, and medical staff with seamless, secure, and practical solutions to enhance day-to-day operations in all business phases of the various departments.

This falls in line with UAE’s leadership’s vision and the Department of Health’s (DoH) overall objectives of enabling the use of digital health-supporting clinics and utilizing digital technologies to improve health, care delivery, and informed decision-making for a better patient experience.

Dr. Hamed Ali Al Hashemi, advisor to DoH chairman at department of health – Abu Dhabi, said, “We welcome the launch of Etisalat’s healthcare platform that will further boost the digital transformation process of healthcare in Abu Dhabi with locally hosted solutions. This will entice all market participants to adopt digital solutions that will enable them to provide a higher standard of patient care, as our joint goal.”

Etisalat’s Business Edge Healthcare platform offers various business benefits to the healthcare sector. The cloud electronic medical records (EMR) solution runs the health information exchange (HIE) ready platform as well as a clinical care and telehealth solution optimized for small to medium-sized clinical practices providing ambulatory care. The pre-integrated telemedicine module allows doctors to conduct live video consultations with their patients. 

Etisalat’s Business Edge Healthcare solution hosts a number of benefits such as quick set-up and provisioning; a monthly subscription with no significant upfront cost; and a customizable solution with a built-in modular approach. It also covers all outpatient department operations, including scheduling and patient check-in and check-out.

Esam Mahmoud, senior vice president, SMB, Etisalat, said, “The emergence of COVID-19 and its devastating impact have brought irrevocable changes to our lives and the global economy. This demands agile solutions that empower frontline workers with the best in technology and continuous access to health services in a safe and convenient way. This solution is a testimony to bringing digital transformation to small businesses as it provides tools and services that will help them achieve a world-class healthcare system.”

Other benefits include an intuitive patient app available on iOS and Android app stores; an interoperable solution with capabilities to integrate with other healthcare solutions; and a complete clinical documentation module allowing patient transactions and records.  Laboratory and X-ray results will be securely stored on the cloud, while a “speech to text" feature will make it easier for clinicians to capture patient history and charts.

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