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Netcracker Technology announced its new GenAI Telco Solution, which brings the value of transformative Generative AI (GenAI) technology to the telecom industry. With the new solution, communications service providers (CSPs) can harness their valuable telecom data and knowledge in a secure and controlled way to bring exceptional benefits to customers, partners and their own businesses. This includes support for specialized telco-centric scenarios such as Care Assistant, Agent Partner, Sales Assistant, Catalog Assistant and Digital Operations Technician.

Most telco data is highly confidential, and the telco business is highly specialized, requiring new techniques for CSPs to benefit from the transformational capabilities of GenAI models. In addition, a large proportion of telco data changes constantly, creating challenges for operators to leverage real-time data to deliver exceptional value and productivity gains.

With the GenAI Telco Solution, Netcracker has combined its extensive telecom IT domain leadership and expertise with AI technology innovations. The solution comprises a GenAI Telco Platform consisting of Knowledge Management to build, test and optimize telco-focused scenarios, such as customer care, business operations, sales and network operations. It also includes a GenAI Trust Gateway that integrates with the telco IT and data analytics environment, works in real time to create the best-personalized prompts to ensure the highest quality GenAI interactions, and obfuscates sensitive telco data, which ensures the highest levels of security and accuracy.

Netcracker has integrated its solution with the most popular commercial GenAI models, creating a unified approach that enables CSPs to choose their preferred combination of public and private models that best meets their business needs and maximizes return on investment. Netcracker has also created powerful out-of-the-box use cases for each area of the telco business to speed up adoption and realize benefits quickly.

“The telco industry is extremely complex, and extracting value from its valuable yet highly proprietary data requires an in-depth understanding of the entire telecom business,” said Roy Chua, Founder and Principal Analyst at AvidThink Research. “Netcracker is in a strong position to fill that important role with its new solution, which will broaden the scope and usefulness of generative AI technology across all telco domains and make it securely accessible.”

“Netcracker’s GenAI Telco Solution enables service providers to securely tap into their telco data and maximize the value from multiple GenAI models and platforms,” said Bob Titus, CTO at Netcracker. “When leveraging enterprise telco data with GenAI, it is crucial to address the data privacy, security and quality concerns. Our solution and library of interaction models allow service providers to quickly generate tangible business value from GenAI for their customers and their internal operations.”

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