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The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai signed an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary company of Amazon that specializes in providing cloud computing platforms and application programming interfaces. The main goal of this partnership is to support the RTA's transition to cloud computing and exchange knowledge and best practices in areas such as application programming, artificial intelligence, data solutions, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Transition to Cloud Computing

Through this partnership, RTA seeks to employ the latest digital technologies to support its transition to cloud computing and enhance digital transformation in the services it generally provides to the public in the Emirate of Dubai.

Transitioning to cloud computing offers a multitude of benefits, especially in enhancing digital transformation and improving services provided to the public in Dubai. Firstly, cloud computing provides scalability, allowing the RTA to easily adjust its computing resources based on demand. This flexibility ensures that the RTA can efficiently manage peak periods, such as during rush hours or special events, without the need for extensive infrastructure investment.

Additionally, cloud computing enhances accessibility and collaboration by providing remote access to data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection. This enables the RTA’s employees to work more efficiently and effectively, leading to improved productivity and service delivery.

Furthermore, transitioning to the cloud enhances data security and disaster recovery capabilities. Cloud service providers like AWS offer robust security measures and compliance certifications, ensuring that the RTA's data remains protected from threats and vulnerabilities. Additionally, cloud-based backups and redundancy features provide a reliable and resilient infrastructure, minimizing the risk of data loss or service downtime.

Pioneering an Advanced Digital Future

Mohammed Al-Mudharreb, CEO of the Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, signed the agreement on behalf of RTA, and Wojciech Bajda, Director of the Public Sector in the Middle East and Africa, signed it on behalf of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Commenting on this agreement, Al-Mudharreb stated, "This agreement aligns with RTA's objective to enhance its leading position and adopt the latest technological innovations, including cloud computing. We are collaborating with specialised companies such as Amazon Web Services to keep pace with technology advancements.

Bajda said, "This cooperation with the RTA in Dubai represents an important step towards enhancing digital transformation in the region. We are proud to support RTA using cloud computing and artificial intelligence to improve its services and promote innovation in Dubai.”

In collaboration with AWS, RTA aims to elevate its technologies and enhance public services. This partnership signifies a significant transition towards an advanced digital future, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence to drive innovation and enhance the user experience across Dubai.

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