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5G is set to be commercially deployed. Commercial testing from the USA, Canada, Asia and the Middle East is running frequently. Telecom operators and vendors alike are excited about 5G deployment and expect it will bring their businesses up and running again.

A lot of promises are coming with 5G. Operators are looking for increased data traffic, sales and super-high speed which will allow consumers to use more data, especially when video streaming. Vendors are looking for new deployment as 4G markets are almost saturated, and the 5G will increase their businesses.

But, how smooth will the shift be from 4G to 5G? Who is ready for the technical and regulatory challenges, and for the adoption of new prices? How will consumers embrace 5G in terms of upgrading their packages?

Telecom Review is the global media partner of the upcoming NGMN Forum which will be held in Vancouver, Canada, on November 6 to 8, and we will be sharing daily updates about 5G with our global readers. This forum will be the largest ever held to tackle the 5G world.

Follow our daily news from Vancouver to the world, and get the latest about 5G!

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