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The Covid-19 has negatively impacted many businesses such as airlines, hotels and most of tourism-related companies and activities. But, in the same time, it has benefitted the companies who run video conferencing and online meetings applications, namely Zoom, in addition to Cisco WebEx, Skype for business by Microsoft, Microsoft Teams and lately the free app Google Meet.

Last quarter, Zoom announced increased profit by 125% Year-on-Year which will also reflect on the results of others.

Telecom operators and analysts see an opportunity of increased data revenues, but not enough to compensate the losses from roaming revenues or selling short term SIM cards to travelers.

After Covid-19, the telecom scene will not be the same and interests will be different. 5G will be the tool for mobility services in video conferences and calls.

People’s behavior will not be the same as well in a way that will serve the interest of the ICT sector and vendors will leverage the situation to create more hi-tech video services.

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