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With more people connected, more data online and with the adoption of public or private cloud, the risk of security breaches has become significant.

Hackers have become more professional which is why traditional security layers are not sufficient now and the existing firewalls are not so protective anymore.

Telecom operators are now tasked with guaranteeing the right level of protection by securing any fugitive transactions, making their networks smartly secured, avoiding malware or blocking unwanted visitors to the networks. Telecom operators should also have their protection wall reciprocally from and within their base station to the servers all the way to their customers.

Open RAN poses today important security risks starting from mobile networks. Some governments leverage it to copy data or monitor network transactions, or even for spying, without the need to ask permission from MNOs.

The global ICT community, along with experts and CTOs at carriers’ side should raise this concern before things get worse. 

Our cover story this month delves into the details of this concern and sheds light on different points of view from experts. Read it for more insights.

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