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There is no doubt that the evolution of technology impacts us: in daily life, the way we do business, the way we communicate, the way we look for information, the way we plan our travels, the way we manage our diaries.

The evolution of technology is transforming everything into the digital age. Artificial intelligence and smart sensors are adding to this. Technology vendors have now claimed 2016 as the year of digital transformation.

Yes, definitely. But how? Mobility will be the major trend of this transformation.

Go back five years and remember what you could do with a mobile compared to what you can do now. It has become the most important device in people’s life: from making calls to taking videos, from an alarm to a watch, from an inbox to a chatting tool and even as a music player.

Mobility is making life easy and we are happy to be connected anywhere and anytime.

In February, we will be at Mobile World Congress to see and hear more about the promising future of mobility and digital transformation.

Digital transformation has impacted all industries: telecoms, automotive, banking, healthcare, education and all utilities.

As an example of how digital transformation will affect our lives and all industries, at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, the CEO of Nissan commented about technology and cars. He said that their aim for when you drive their cars is that you can do what you can do at home or at the office: be fully connected.

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