Year after year, the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit grows substantially, and year after year, the Summit introduces new features, showcasing the rapid changes within our industry.

This year’s Summit will spread over two days — following the CXO meeting of the ITU, which we are proud to host on December 6 — and offer more networking opportunities to our partners and attendees, as well as, undoubtedly, more rich content and engaging programming to all.

The Summit will highlight a variety of new and exciting topics, such as data centers and the role of clouds in the future of technology, measuring 5G performance to date and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on network performance. And with the goal of diversification in the industry, we’ll be tackling global issues and solutions such as the Asian gap toward connecting people as well as the regulations in the Middle East. The Summit will present speakers from over 40 countries.

As a testament to Telecom Review Group’s commitment to empowering women in ICT, be sure to attend the session entitled “Women in ICT” on December 8 — a full panel of amazing women contributors moderated by a leading female expert in ICT.

As always, the event will conclude with the much-anticipated awards ceremony. This year, we will celebrate another record number of nominations received, showcasing the industry’s interest in honoring its brands and achievements for these prestigious excellence awards. In addition, the Leader Merit Awards will garner the enthusiasm of all potential recipients, including Global industry leaders, from telecom operators and vendors to nonprofit organizations.

Join us as we celebrate an amazing Summit this year, together with hundreds of onsite attendees and thousands online. We look forward to seeing you on December 7–8.

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