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Zoom has updated its terms of service to include the ability to use customer data for training and tuning its artificial intelligence (AI) models. The updated terms, effective July 27, grant Zoom the right to utilize certain aspects of customer data, such as product usage information, telemetry and diagnostic data, for AI purposes. While this type of data usage is not uncommon, it signifies a strategic move towards Zoom's own AI ambitions. Notably, customer content like messages, files and documents does not appear to be included in this category, and Zoom clarified that AI models are not trained using audio, video or chat content without customer consent.

Zoom has introduced generative AI features, including a meeting summary tool and a chat message composer, on a free trial basis for customers. When users choose to enable these features, they must sign a consent form allowing Zoom to train its AI models using their individual customer content. Zoom emphasizes that customer content is solely used to enhance the performance and accuracy of these AI services.

Ultimately, Zoom customers can rest assured, as they have the choice of whether or not to enable generative AI features and share their content with Zoom for such product improvement purposes.

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