Meta has embarked on an ambitious plan to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into digital assistants and smart glasses. Zuckerberg highlighted the role of AI advancements in creating diverse applications and personas to achieve various tasks. These developments are aimed at eventually integrating AI capabilities into stylish smart glasses.

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An international business school has taken the pioneering step of introducing a comprehensive library of VR Learning Experiences. This expansion will enhance the effectiveness of management education and propel advancements in management research.

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It has been uncovered that employees at TikTok have had unrestricted access to the contact lists of high-profile individuals. Unprecedented access has raised serious national security risks and has compromised the privacy of some of the world's most influential individuals.

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OpenAI announced on social media platform X that ChatGPT users can now browse the internet for real-time information through the “Browse with Bing” feature, currently available to 'Plus' and 'Enterprise' subscribers. OpenAI plans to roll out this functionality to all users in the near future. In addition, this new browsing capability allows websites to manage how ChatGPT interacts with their content.

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Land Use Change Alert (LUCA)  is a land survey and management technology that excels due to its capacity to encompass all types of forest ecosystems. It harnesses information from the radar satellite system Sentinel 1, operated by the European Space Agency, addressing a crucial deficiency in global forest monitoring.

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