A new and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology is transforming wildfire detection. Using advanced algorithms to analyze satellite imagery, this system swiftly identifies wildfires, surpassing traditional methods that relied on human surveillance and reporting.

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In just a few hours after its launch, Threads, Instagram's real-time public conversation app, had garnered over 30 million downloads, making it the fastest-growing app ever. The app, aimed at rivaling Twitter, quickly surpassed the download records of ChatGPT and is projected to reach over 100 million users within its first two months. Prominent Twitter users like Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, Shakira and Oprah Winfrey quickly joined Threads and generated a celebratory atmosphere with welcome messages and an eagerness to engage with one another.

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The notable new chatbot feature from Snapchat is powered by ChatGPT, but with some key differences: users can customize the chatbot’s name, design a compatible custom Bitmoji avatar and feature it in conversations with friends, the latter of which is raising concerns among teens and parents.

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With the power of Google's AI, cutting-edge eye scans can now offer a promising alternative in the prediction of cardiovascular events. A South Korean study has additionally explored AI for coronary angiography, leading to automated and real-time insights and advanced cardiovascular care.

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Each year Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference with a few hours of just straight announcements, generally covering things from OS to watchOS to new and updated gadgets. This year, Apple announced the launch of iOS 17 that brings new features for more expressive communication, simplified sharing, and a new full-screen experience for your iPhone.

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Data privacy concerns in Norway have put US-based big tech firm Meta in a tight spot. Norway's data protection agency has threatened to ban Facebook and Instagram owner Meta from using the personal information of users for targeted advertising with a $100,000 daily fine if the company continues its activities.

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