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The rise of OTT services has caused loss of revenue for telecom operators. Revenue from voice and text messaging is declining as communications shifts to OTT apps. M800 partners with telecom operators to improve their revenue by recommending through their own OTT white-label communication application. Telecom Review spoke to Steven Yap, CEO.

What shapes M800's business model?
From the very start, M800 has always believed in being part of a bigger team, a ‘federation' where we treat our fellow industry players as partners. Upon incorporation, we started to build our partnership with global carriers. To-date, we have over 260 telecommunication partners servicing all our solutions.

During this period, we notice that the consumers are moving towards the OTT apps.  Seeing this, we have produced some new solutions like the OTT white-label communication application suite to assist telecom operators on a new revenue stream generation, targeting outbound tourists and business travelers.

Taking one step further, M800 has created an all-inclusive partner program where our telecommunication partners can leverage on their business network to generate more sales while at the same time helping corporate companies to have a private, secure and reliable OTT communication app.

What challenges are you facing and how are you overcoming them?
To ensure we achieve strict SLAs demanded by the telecommunication industry, M800 invested in over 20 POPs around the world, deploying our CPaaS platform on a planet scale, and bringing our edge servers close to users, no matter in which region they use our services. This is a major investment on our side, but we know that is necessary for seamless communication and one that ensures a low CAPEX entry for our partners.

Having our partners' and clients' interests in mind, we continuously invest in our technology to ensure fast go-to-market for our solutions.

We also undertake the task of keeping our OTT communication application suite up to date to ensure ongoing support of each new mobile OS release or introduction of new phone models in the market. We also set up a 24/7 NOC for our partners should they face any issues. Our product and R&D teams keep introducing new functionalities to ensure our solution remains competitive in the constantly changing landscape of OTT applications.

All this takes time to build and develop, and has been fine-tuned over the years to ensure that our partners and clients have problem-free solutions.

Following years of experience, and hundreds of integrations done with different network topologies and telecommunication infrastructures, we are able to create complex service scenarios, tailored for specific needs of each of our partner. Integration points are addressed with the help of our always evolving APIs offering and the complimented by seasoned professionals in our interoperability team. M800 not only offers products to our customers but also provides consulting and planning services, refined through the years of operation in the market.

What are the best M800 solutions for telecom partners?

i. OTT white-label communication app that is readily-available, secure and customizable.

A ready-to-go OTT white-label communication app that allows application to application and application to phone calling, instant messaging, SMS, video and conferencing services. Some telecom operators have requested for additional social media features like news feed and live streaming from music stations to increase customer engagement.

ii. An all-inclusive reseller partner program for the white-label communication application suite.

M800 works with partners, some of which are the largest international mobile and telecommunication network operators to resell our white-label communication app to their corporate clients.

To aid our partners to sell with convenience and ease, we created a reseller portal. This reseller portal allows the resellers to quickly create the OTT white-label communication app for their clients, making the go-to-market quick and fast. It also comes with backend data that allow both our partners and clients to make smart, expert decisions.

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