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Creating accessible technology for everyone is Ja-Square's mission, according to the company's CEO, Saad Al Jamal. The France-based company entered the Lebanese market five years ago and has been able to revolutionize the technology sector with its cutting-edge solutions.

In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Saad Al Jamal explained how the company helps Lebanese operators and internet service providers (ISPs) improve their network quality and performance, bearing in mind one goal: customer satisfaction.

From security to smart home solutions, Ja-Square offers a wide portfolio of smart solutions capable of catering to client needs, with a special focus on accessible technology which allows people with visual, hearing or speech difficulties to use technology.   

First of all, can you give us an overview of the services and solutions that Ja-Square offers?Ja-Square is highly involved in the telecommunications industry and offers a wide range of products and solutions. We tend to focus on solutions that best facilitate user experience and provide connectivity equally and fairly to all geographical areas.

At Ja-Square, we strive to update and develop our products and services. Our highly qualified professional team focuses on quality and ease while improving our products and services. This is done so that services can be handled by people of all ages and abilities, thus promoting a smarter, easier, healthier and eco-friendlier lifestyle. We offer an unconventional, contemporary approach to manage your world - from your own place - just by using your smart device.

In summary, the products and services include smart home and security solutions, smart city solutions, site monitoring solutions, smart metering systems, video on demand services, GSM repeater solutions and many more.

Why does Ja-Square focus on accessible technology?
We mainly focus on accessible technology that assists people to use technologies that facilitate day-to-day activities and ease concerns. Accessible technology enables individuals to personalize technology that will help them see and hear better, and is easy to use. Accessibility and accessible technology helps individuals with visual difficulties, pain in their hands or arms, hearing loss, and speech or cognitive challenges. Services cater to individuals who are seeking to customize their telecom experience to meet their situational needs and preferences.

Which services and solutions have had the greatest success and why?
So far, the site monitoring solution has had the greatest success with the operator Alfa, and will soon be implemented with touch and Ogero. It allows for ease of monitoring, as well as controlling and troubleshooting the operators' sites remotely, and has also heavily reduced the theft of batteries and other small components.

This solution allows you to track the performance of every installed device on-site, alerts you to suspicious activity, as well as receive detailed management reports - at your fingertips. The solution benefits telecom operators by reducing costs for services and the time required to access every site, in addition to providing better control of the equipment.

How does the company contribute to creating a smarter and greener lifestyle?
At the company, we develop smart metering solutions, in addition to efficient backup batteries for our monitoring solutions. This results in reduced energy consumption and in extensive metering analysis in order to always keep track of where we can reduce energy and resource losses.

We focus on providing easier, healthier and greener lifestyles through our solutions for both personal and business implementations. In addition, our home automation solution provides smart and eco-friendly features that reduce water loss by monitoring water leaks, and save energy by controlling the temperature and humidity inside your home.

Our smoke detector solution is also purely wireless, as is the rest of our solution, and enables early detection of potential fire.

Accessibility is easy via apps users can install on their phones, allowing them to monitor activities in their home. Eco-friendly communication is thus encouraged and created by using this contemporary technology and energy-saving solutions which promote a healthier and more flexible society. Energy is not depleted and future generations are provided with an efficient community that nourishes their capabilities through a technologically advanced infrastructure which they can capitalize on.

What differentiates Ja-Square from its competitors in the MENA region and abroad?
Ja-Square achieves its competitive edge by constantly improving its product range and continuously researching and developing newer and smarter products and services in order to move ahead of its competitors.

At Ja-Square, our mission is to allow people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. Being a France-based company, we provide European-based standards in the MENA region at a much lower price than our competitors, but with a higher quality. We can easily adapt our entire product range to fit the needs and requirements of any country in the MENA region in order to offer customized preferences.

We consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers. We deliver on that commitment by striving to create technology that is accessible to persons of all ages and abilities. Ja-Square is one of the industry leaders in accessibility innovation and building products which are safer and easier to use through mobile network operators and internet service providers.

Focusing on rural areas and remote locations, we can provide connectivity to various locations that were lacking, and technologies that can improve lifestyles and economies.

Ja-Square is assisting Lebanese operators with a large range of smart and IoT solutions. Can you elaborate?
As I have mentioned, Ja-Square is currently providing the site monitoring solutions and home automation and security solutions for Alfa, and soon will be providing the same solutions for touch and Ogero. We are also in the process of providing a video on demand service for both Alfa and touch, in addition to providing a DDOS mitigation and solution to Ogero.

As you can see, we focus on products and services that provide entertainment for end users, on one side. On the other side, we focus on ensuring operators provide quality service by implementing security products that protect the Lebanese network from attacks that may originate either externally or internally.

Finally, regarding the site monitoring products, we believe that this solution enhances the efficiency of the operators, which is reflected into more savings and higher profitability, and also reflects positively on the Ministry of Telecommunication's overall revenue.

How do you position the company in the MENA region?
In the MENA region, Ja-Square Lebanon is rather new and has been around for only close to five years. However, we have been able to position ourselves as a top competitor for new technologies and solutions. This, of course, is backed by the mother company in France and the huge research and development team and engineers which are always ahead in terms of new technologies.

We provide state-of-the-art products and services that are new in the MENA area, which has made us a big player in the IoT front. We aim to continuously provide novel technologies that promote MENA's economies, especially Arab countries, and put them back on the global map as leading players in technology and IoT.

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