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Governance Dynamics is a professional services firm focused on providing governance related services and solutions that are pragmatic and designed to address the issue at hand taking into consideration the strategic outlook of the business in the immediate short term and the long term. Fadi Sidani, Managing partner, Governance Dynamics, explained more about the company to Telecom Review at the 12th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit.

In an exclusive interview, he highlighted how governance is at the heart of the services the company offers and stressed that it tends to focus on clients as unique cases rather than providing general services.

Our services are related to governance as a whole. We look at governance as a total solution and we tackle board matters, risk management, compliance, forensics and IT governance. We work with experts in the field and we provide fit-for-purpose solutions. Every client is to us a unique case and our services are very specific to our clients’ needs,” he said.

Technology has disrupted industries and ICTs have now become part of almost all industries. The ensuing transformation pushed businesses to shift their strategies and policies in place in order to keep pace with the rapid technological evolution and leverage its benefits.

“The ICT field has been transforming the world. Things are changing very fast and we’re moving from 3G to 4G to 5G and who knows what’s next. This has created a lot of opportunities and made things that were once impossible, possible. That requires improvement in the underlying systems, governance systems, policies and procedures, the way people operate, cultures and attitude. The millenials have also enabled this change,” Sidani explained.

“Therefore, polices and strategies had to rapidly change. We’re no longer looking at a five-year strategy but rather at three to six-month strategies that are constantly changing. So, models have shifted from long term strategies to very short term ones”, he commented.

Governance Dynamics’ solutions are designed to help organizations govern the future today, that is why, according to Fadi Sidani, the main goal that the company aims to achieve this year is raise awareness on the importance of governance.

He said, “If we look at the main problems in the Middle East and in the corporate world in specific, whether in the private or public sector, they’re all related to governance; how to set the KPIs, measure success, prevent fraud and enable growth.

“Our goal this year is to raise awareness with regards to governance at the level of all fields across the region. We’re participating in events like the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit that allow to us convey such a message. We aspire at raising the bar when it comes to governance.”

On the importance of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, he continues, “This is a very important event that takes place twice a year and we even need to see it happen on a quarterly basis because this is driving the change for all the businesses. Bringing all these experts from different fields to talk about various topics, whether at the front end of the business or the back end, has a significant impact on the industry. In the Middle East, we need such an event because we are not moving fast enough and summits like the one definitely drive things in the right direction.”  

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