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With 5G technologies powering the next wave of business ecosystems and capabilities, a new and diverse revenue mix will be created for operators who can turn their networks into platforms for deeper interaction with content and services.

This transformation to digital service providers will facilitate the creation of new disruptive business models coupled with lean operational efficiency. MYCOM OSI, an assurance cloud company, is supporting operators on their journey to achieve full automation of network operations and service delivery.

Telecom Review sat down with Mounir Ladki, CTO and President at MYCOM OSI, at Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit to discuss the critical nature of real-time, automated operations in supporting the monetization of SLA-backed digital services.

You featured on the panel entitled: “The era of 5G”. How is MYCOM OSI supporting telcos in optimizing their networks to generate revenue from 5G?

We believe that the key promise of 5G is to deliver differentiated services – not only to consumers, but to enterprises and industry verticals. This is an important monetization opportunity for telcos in the form of premium services, guaranteed SLAs, high quality of service (QoS) connectivity for critical services, and so on.

We, as a service assurance provider, are helping the operators to transform their operations and establish the correct processes and systems in order to manage this end-to-end QoS and SLAs of these new digital services that they will deliver. These are the promises of growth and monetization that 5G has the potential to bring.

How did COVID-19 affect MYCOM OSI? What measures did you adopt to better serve customers and employees during this difficult time? 

It has been a very interesting period because it has forced us, as an industry, to accelerate change and digitization. As a company, we have had everyone working remotely and during that period we continued serving our customers; contracting, developing software and conducting research and development. We continued shipping new innovative software and capabilities to our customers despite everyone working from home across the world.  

This helped us improve the way we work together. We digitized ourselves as a software supplier and we are helping our customers and telcos with the automation of their operations, cloudification, software, and other important elements and trends that will last well beyond the pandemic.

What’s next? I think we will see an acceleration of 5G deployment, and the transition to the cloud. We, as a company, have transitioned during this pandemic to a full SaaS model and we believe this is a model that will remain. We believe will see the telcos playing more and more of a role as a digital service provider away from the connectivity provision that they have previously relied on.  

I think it is a very important period of time that will have a long-lasting impact on our industry and will open our minds to new and exciting opportunities.

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