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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review during the Huawei Middle East IP Club Carnival 2021 at the Atlantis, Dubai, Mr. Alaa Bawab, vice president, enterprise networking business, Huawei Middle East, talks about the company’s innovations and offerings for enterprise networks.

What are some of Huawei’s recent innovations in Enterprise Networking related products, solutions, and resources for an intelligent network architecture, automation and design?

Intelligent networks will be the key foundation of the AI era, providing reliable, ubiquitous, ultra-wide broadband, and secure connections for our communities. In all industries, AI is becoming key to the progression of business, and digitization is considered as the no.1 priority for governments and enterprises. Networks being the foundation, the intelligent networks are becoming critical.

Huawei brings AI & big data to its enterprise networking offerings, supporting customers to build a user-centric and application-centric secure and reliable intelligent network that enables automation delivering autonomous networks. It also offers the most comprehensive Campus Transformation Solution with its iMaster NCE (automated, proactive and intelligent management and control of campus network/ DCN/ WAN). Huawei’s AI Fabric takes the data center (DC) to AI era with ADN to help establish zero packet loss, shifts the DC management to a complete autonomous mode, and provides high-end interfaces like 400G with a roadmap to double it.

What are the challenges faced by companies in the Middle East when it comes to Enterprise Network infrastructure?

The challenge is not specific to enterprises in the Middle East. It is faced by all enterprises across the world. With the exponential growth of devices and people demand to have access to high bandwidth applications, 100% of enterprises will adopt cloud. It is noteworthy that 85% of enterprise applications are already based on cloud for a more consistent and efficient experience. In addition, almost 100% of large enterprises will be using AI, and 86% of generated data to be utilized will need an intelligent O&M platform to manage and operate. Therefore, the challenges can be put into three categories: Bandwidth, user experience, and efficient O&M platform.

At Huawei, we design intelligent networks to cater for all those challenges by delivering networks:

  • Providing connectivity at the lowest latency
  • Fully autonomous
  • Fully secure
  • User Centric and Application Centric
  • Hyper-converged to maintain low TCO

How can enterprises practice environment-friendly IT strategies?

Enterprises can design platforms taking into account a comprehensive Power Management Solution across the entire environment and set and meet relevant KPIs to achieve this goal.

At Huawei, we initiated and advanced in delivering environment-friendly DC solutions. As we invest in R&D while collaborating with our eco partners, we continue to focus on delivering energy-saving products and solutions across the board from transmission & optical LAN to intelligent connectivity, computing platform, cloud & AI, and finally our intelligent O&M. We pay utmost attention to all our products and solutions to have minimum power consumption, low footprint and comply to all international regulatory and standard bodies in this regard.

How is Huawei helping companies with their connectivity across hybrid and multi-cloud networks?

Huawei’s CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution helps enterprises unleash the power of next generation hyper-converged DCN. The solution allows gaining actionable insights, support accelerated digital transformation and drive the development of digital economy. This is achieved by leveraging the 3 main characteristics of the solution: Lossless ethernet, full life cycle automation, and network-wide intelligent O&M.

Also, Huawei’s CloudCampus 3.0:

  • Provides all wireless solutions for enterprises with highest performing WiFi6 products and solutions;
  • Delivers 100Mbps everywhere wireless experience, one global network, agile service rollout in minutes, proactive insights and application experience optimization;
  • Offers next-generation convergence among wireless, wired, SD-WAN and 5G branch networks with intelligent O&M focusing on services and user experience.
  • Convergence of Wi-Fi and IoT networks for more industrial use cases to develop and a strong eco system of software partners to help our customers achieve their business goals and objectives.
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