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Many people in the industry have been very much interested in knowing about the latest developments of Rosenberger, the high-tech telecommunications leader, especially after the spinoff of its Antenna and DAS wireless coverage product portfolio. Laurence Miao, the vice president of Rosenberger Asia Pacific, was interviewed by Telecom Review to outline his insights, together with the outlook for growing Rosenberger’s business in the region.

Why did Rosenberger decide to spin off the antenna and DAS wireless coverage business? What has been the progress made thus far?

The communication markets are being driven by high growth dynamics. This situation requires the business activities to be realigned with a clear and purposeful focus for the organization. The spin-off of the Antenna and DAS wireless coverage business will enable Rosenberger to focus more on both its long-tradition connectivity and related interconnect solution business, together, to continuously increase R&D investment in such fields of focus, build more dedicated teams and establish a resilient and more efficient supply chain for providing the best services for global and local customers. In terms of the progress of spinoff, due to the lockdown in some administration bureaus, there was a delay in the formal steps to be accomplished. But now, the formal and legal steps which need to be documented and registered in various legislation are reaching their closing point.

What are the main business segments and solutions of Rosenberger today and in the future?

In addition to the continued efforts to expand the existing automotive as well as semicon and test businesses, Rosenberger has integrated the following businesses and created a new global “Business Area of Interconnect” with the aim of consolidating Rosenberger's global resources, enhancing global synergy and collaboration, advancing the progress and efficiency of R&D, improving responsiveness to customers and, most importantly, further strengthening our global and local services.

  • Leading RF, FO, Power and Data connectivity for all industries
  • Site solution for mobile radio infrastructures
  • Datacenter and edge computing solutions
  • Telecom and communication solutions
  • Medical and industrial solutions
  • Telematics/IoT solutions
  • Spaceflight and aerospace solutions

Particularly in the segment of mobile communication, Rosenberger will continue to offer comprehensive site solutions for radio infrastructures, including interconnect products and all types of installation materials. For whichever 4G, advanced 5G or future 6G mobile networks that are requiring higher bandwidth, lower latency and higher speed, as well as for the disaggregated cloud-RAN and mobile edge computing networks, we at Rosenberger have the know-how in place. We will uphold our mission statement to develop the most innovative and advanced technology in the fields of our expertise by delivering quality products and services to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction.

What is the sales coverage for Rosenberger in the APAC region? How does it continuously provide better service to the local customers?

We realize and understand the importance of customer service, and have sales coverage in the entire Asia-Pacific region, including South-East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Japan, Korea, China and the Mid-East, with the applicable professional local teams. We have also developed partners and distributors in various countries in order to further enhance our local services.

Meanwhile, our regional team is fully connected with our headquarters in Germany and also with the Rosenberger customer team across the world, with support from over 20 manufacturing and supply bases located in Germany, Hungary, Sweden, India, China, the US, Brazil and Mexico, respectively. We do our best to improve customer satisfaction in the strategy of global for local/global and local for local/global.

What are Rosenberger's key competencies?

Rosenberger has been one of the leading solution providers in connectivity and interconnect business areas. Our strengths and competitiveness are:

  • As a trusted partner with more than 20 years of experience in vertical development and site service of interconnect business, Rosenberger can provide customers the one-stop service from idea through implementation.
  • Rosenberger maintains continuous innovation and R&D in the fields of RF, FO, Power, High-speed data and High-voltage connectors and interconnect solutions and stays at the forefront of the industry.
  • Rosenberger keeps up to date with the latest production and manufacturing technology in pursuit of the highest quality and zero-defect products.
  • Based on more than 50 years of international operations experience, Rosenberger fully understands and can meet the diversified requirements of global and local customers.

What is Rosenberger's outlook for the related market segments and your business, especially in the APAC region?

Rosenberger is fully committed to and even more focused on providing innovative solutions, the highest technology expertise and enhanced service to its customers. Besides the existing R&D centers and manufacturing facilities across the world in Europe, China, India, the US and Brazil, we have invested in and built a new manufacturing site in Changzhou, China to increase production capacity and support the rapid market growth and customer expectations. Meanwhile, we are also modernizing our existing manufacturing sites in Kunshan, Shanghai and Beijing in China to support connectivity and interconnect business.

The COVID-19 epidemic has also made digital transformation more urgent than before. Most things can be connected by science and technology, and the application of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and block chain will be deployed more widely. This trend requires more extensive, diversified, virtualized and advanced networks, which will provide us with long-term growth opportunities.

Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, especially in the segment of mobile communication and datacenter network, and we firmly believe that we will continue to grow with Rosenberger’s re-focus strategy. We are open and willing to establish strategic partnerships with more valuable customers, including operators, service providers, equipment manufacturers, system integrators and other verticals in the ICT industry. The goal is to achieve long-term win-win cooperation and to build a greener, lower carbon-consumption, safer and more efficient network together.

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