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Open” is a popular current concept, but Radisys has a strong commitment to this, particularly for open network architectures and interfaces. In an exclusive with Head of EMEA Sales, Aniel Jhingoeri, he shares the approach they take to helping telco service providers in the region and how they plan to expand their footprint further while leveraging Reliance Jio Platforms’ technologies and best practices.

How can Radisys help telco service providers in EMEA be more disruptive and offer more immersive digital experiences to their customers?

At Radisys, we are strong believers that open and disaggregated networks that can help service providers break the vendor lock-in with their current incumbent vendors and be more disruptive in how they build and operate their networks, achieving OPEX and CAPEX efficiency, agility and flexibility.

“Open” is a nice buzzword that we hear a lot today, but what does it really mean? At Radisys, it means open architectures and interfaces while leveraging the open-source ecosystem. That’s what our solutions are currently based on. And when we talk about disaggregation, it means leveraging the disaggregation of software and hardware as well as white box technology that could reduce costs and add flexibility to service providers’ networks.

Another thing that we are seeing when it comes to digital services is that service providers lack to take advantage of the power of AI and high-performance media processing. These include, for example, real-time keyword detection, voice biometrics and facial recognition for user authentication. These are things that are available today, and we want to bring all of that technology to our service providers.

What are the key problems in building and operating “open and disaggregated” networks and how does Radisys’ end-to-end portfolio address these?

One of the objections we hear from our customers — service providers — is if “open” is really ready for primetime. Is it real? We have been working on open networking for the last five years, and we see big names like Deutsche Telekom that are ready to deploy open and disaggregated solutions. Later, we will see more service providers’ customer announcements who have really tested and proven it on their networks.

From your perspective, what benefits or leverage do your customers get from Radisys being part of the Reliance Jio Platforms Group?

Reliance Jio has massively disrupted the telco market in India. We at Radisys have access to all the technologies and digital endpoints that they use, like smart (feature) phones and IoT portfolio, but most importantly, the best practices and learnings that Jio uses in order to do that. Apart from that, if you see the scale of networks that Jio has built in India, we are also able to bring those economies of scale to our customers.

How do you plan to expand your footprint in the EMEA region and which products/solutions are best suited for regional customers?

Radisys is already serving over 150 service providers around the globe, and more than a billion people are using our technology. For example, Nokia, as one of our channel partners, uses our software for their VoLTE networks.

We already have a pretty large footprint when it comes to having our technology in the EMEA region. What we also do is leverage our partners like Intel, and we further form strategic alliances like the 5G O-RAN Alliance in the Middle East with seven service providers. We also work with other channel partners and system integrators that have a local presence in the region, and as our business continues to grow, we will add and grow our own resources accordingly.

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