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In an exclusive with Telecom Review, Richard Piasentin, chief marketing and chief strategy officer, Accedian, shared the importance of activating 5G with secure network performance; how Accedian is responding to the demands of telcos nowadays; and what the expansion plans are in the Middle East, in addition to how the company is maintaining its reputation in the field of innovation.

How does Accedian help in activating 5G with secure network performance?

Accedian was born after partnering with service providers for the last 15 years, building the most complex systems. We have introduced, as part of our portfolio, a suite of automation products that take the power of testing capability and automate it for security requirements. By introducing our security products that are built on top of that exact same audience, as well as advanced automation infrastructures tied to our relationship with Cisco, we enabled automated secure network deployment for service providers. Accedian infrastructure, from as long as 10 years ago, has a level of accuracy required for 5G URLLC deployments, meaning that our partners and our customers can trust us to be with them for a long time.

What are the telcos' core demands at the moment and how does Accedian's portfolio respond to this?

Speed of adoption, speed of deployment, accuracy and high revenue services are what everybody is looking for. We need an infrastructure that's capable of the most advanced services at the lowest possible TCO, and it must be automated. So, Accedian’s infrastructure fulfills all of those capability requirements. And as a consequence, we're deploying massively with service providers around the world as they bring out new advanced high-revenue services.

In the Middle East, how will you help to accelerate hybrid cloud enterprise adoption? What are your expansion plans in the region?

The Middle East is a fantastic return to great success. We've grown the business over five acts in the last 12 months, and one of the reasons was the most advanced value-added resellers (and value-added distributors and service providers) in this market. We’re seeing an acceleration in the adoption of the hybrid cloud 5G private network. Deployments are leading the planet in advanced services, and that's what our platform was built for. We are experiencing great success as we have fantastic partners in the region, and our customers are looking to Accedian to help them with their digital transformation.

Also, in the Middle East, we have a significant investment in resources, both from the perspective of professional service and hardcore technology, and our partners are able to capitalize on that as part of the services. We are really excited about the market and we will keep investing.

Innovation runs in secure and assured networks. How will Accedian maintain its reputation in this field?

We maintain a reputation in this field with our customers, our quality and our security capability from day one. And we continue to invest in technologies to ensure we stay that trusted partner, including security products like interceptors, hardening infrastructure from a broken and measuring perspective, and world-class, secure file environments, to ensure that our reputation, but more importantly for the customer’s reputation, has never been easier.

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