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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Reailize, talked about the managed services they deliver via its product innovation. They also talked about the challenges that the industry faces, and how is Reailize injecting Automation Intelligence into every aspect of telco operation. The company also discussed the key elements of optimizing and monetizing telco and enterprise networks.

What are the Services that Reailize offers? 

Reailize offers a whole suite of services that enable Network Automation via the following 4 categories: 

  1. Telco Cloud Operations – As most Telcos are in the process to moving to Network as Software - we design, build, and operate the people, processes, &technology that are part of the Telco Cloud 
  2. Continuous Validation - Increased complexity in Network Elements & functions are leading to enhanced needs in the e2e deployment & certification process for those elements. Reailize has focused on elevating 
    1. The Telco Function CI/CD chains where we bring CI/CD Pipeline capabilities and Extreme Automation 
    2. An Intent Based Framework that reacts to events in the Pre-production and live Networks to orchestrate the E2E Testing & Validation processes & tools 
    3. Continuous Validation- we discovered that while some elements of the validation chains have been automated, fallout/failure is still manually reviewed for Root Cause. For the necessary scale, automation needs to be end to end, and we are solving this overlooked aspect of the cycle. 
  3. Continuous Assurance- The distinction between Lab & Live is blurring and the two need to operate in much closer sync in order to drive the automation needed in modern network operations. Our Continuous Assurance monitors the active Network, finding proactively pending issues and determining Root Cause of those issues. This output is then prioritized by impact and then submitted for remediation- thus achieving Issue Avoidance and reduced impact to subscribers. Our work in the pre-production environments is highly valuable here in determining patterns that contribute to identifying Network Issues early across all 4 major layers of Network Services- Application, Service, Network Function, and Cloud layers. 
  4. Closed Loop Remediation – as part of our Next Generation end to end assurance solutions, we offer from Observability through to Closed Loop Remediation, providing key elements needed for the Dark NOC/SOC. 

Through our services, we ensure that our partners meet their objectives by providing the following: 

  1. Fully controlled end-to-end perspective across all network services, domains, and verticals 
  2. Complete control in a predictive mode identifying anomalies that could have any service impact while delivering root cause analysis— subsequently remedying the issue proactively 
  3. Absolute Validation of all new technology from a pre-production environment to a post-production environment at a volume and scale previously not possible- through Technology, Automation, & Expertise. 

What are the primary challenges that the industry faces, and how is Reailize injecting Automation Intelligence into every aspect of telco operations? 

As a group of companies with over two decades of experience in supporting our customers Network Operations end to end, we have ourselves owned the challenges and processes inherent to the complexities we face in the network today. We also know that the telco industry is globally facing significant challenges resulting from higher competition, technical proliferation, demand for shorter time to value, and elevated demand for heightened customer experience. Today, operators aim to expand 5G & broadband coverage across their markets, provide exceptional customer experience, and enhance their capabilities and thus value to their end customers. In simplest terms, as an industry, we must move to much higher levels of automation in operation- and this is the key value that Reailize is bringing to its client partners. 

What elements do you consider key to optimizing and monetizing telco and enterprise networks? 

The evolution of Network technologies brings new monetization opportunities to the telecom industry by introducing new capabilities like network slicing, extended support for cellular IoT (like MTC, URLLC, V2X), or support for different access technologies (like satellite or WiFi). Telcos focus on growing their penetration in the Enterprise market segment, and also at moving up the value chain with their customers by focusing on providing outcomes/services versus simple connectivity. However, these capabilities do not come without the cost of increased network complexity. This is reflected not only in the target network architecture, which is increasingly software defined and also largely disaggregated, but also in the sheer number of “moving parts” that are part of the typical service. Hence, the key aspect of cost optimization is introducing a level of automation that reduces the overhead of network testing, Deployment, and operations despite the increase in complexity while embracing the value that these capabilities can bring. Automation is no longer an option and is vital from both perspectives - cost optimization and monetization to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring exceptional customer experience via controlled Capex spending, reduced market churn, and low effort support of net new service capabilities- while maintaining excellence in quality.

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