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In an interview with the CTO of stc Kuwait, Fahad Abdul Rahman Al Ali, he gave insights on how the company should technically advance and what strategies should be adopted for fast connectivity in the country. He also shed light on the 5G milestones achieved so far and how the company is utilizing today’s technologies to deliver the best user experience.

As the CTO of stc Kuwait, how should the company technically advance, and what is your strategy for maintaining stc’s leading position in the country?

At stc, we position customer experience at the heart of our strategy by pioneering cutting-edge technologies like infrastructure and platforms providing best-in-class service levels and digital experience through the massive digital transformation initiatives serving our different customer segments, both consumers and enterprises.

With strong connectivity comes success stories. What strategies are you adopting for fast connectivity in Kuwait? Can you cite some of the 5G milestones done thus far?

Today, our customers, both consumers and enterprises, enjoy Nationwide 5G experience with high speeds and best latencies available in the industry. We achieved that by rolling out Nationwide 5G NSA/SA network supported by converged core (2G through 5G technologies) and best-in-class Business Support Systems.

In addition to 5G connectivity, our fiber-optic fixed connectivity complements our services portfolio that allows us to offer service convergence to our customers.  

How is stc Kuwait contributing to the accelerating digital adoption in the region? How are you utilizing today’s technologies to deliver the best user experience?

The main theme of our strategy is the Digital Transformation. We started the Digital Transformation journey from within by adopting digital in our operations and processes, then reflecting it to our customers’ touchpoints across our different channels. So, our customers can interact easily with us.

Next, for the different verticals enterprises that we serve, we partnered with the best industry partners to provide ICT solutions for our customers, including hosting and connectivity with managed services that enable our customers to digitally transform and focus on their core business.

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