inwi, a leading telecommunications company, is one of the three major telecom companies in Morocco, alongside Maroc Telecom and Orange. It is a subsidiary of the Kuwaiti group Zain and the Moroccan investment fund Societe Nationale d’Investissement (SNI). With more than 50, 000 branches across the country, inwi is steadily being recognized for its transformative role in Morocco’s digital-economy landscape. In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Yahia Sefraoui, chief digital transformation officer at inwi shares his company’s key initiatives and efforts.   

  1. How does inwi, as one of the leading Moroccan Telecom companies, position itself as a major contributor to the country’s digital transformation?

    inwi has always strived to position itself as one of the leading innovative companies in Morocco. We have identified digital transformation as a key ingredient of our company’s future success and have positioned it as a key driver for all our decision-making, be it on internal strategic choices, with our customers or our ecosystem.

    inwi offers its customers a distinctive omnichannel experience through a range of digital tools that allow clients to perform their main self-care operations as well as their purchase journeys (ex. e-shop).

    We have also often positioned ourselves as the first mover on a few digital opportunities. In this sense, Inwi was the first Telecom operator in Africa in 2019 to introduce a 100% digital experience by introducing “win by inwi” which clearly reflects our ambition to stand out in terms of the digital experience we offer to our customers.

    Beyond its presence on the digital solutions front, inwi is also actively contributing to democratizing access to the internet, including in remote areas.

    inwi also provides its partners and customers a Sovereign cloud, which is  built to offer data access in compliance with local laws and regulations.

    This digital solution offers continuous protection and secure accessibility controls to enable new value and opportunities for national growth.

  2. In what way is “win by inwi” a good example of how inwi is betting on the digital transformation for its future?

    “win by inwi” is based on the belief that Digital can help solve some of the challenges that a customer might face and significantly improve their experience with the company. Some of win’s key features that were only made possible through Digital include:

    • A much simpler Telecom experience, where Voice and Data bundles are paid in advance
    • A cashless purchase experience leveraging mobile payment and mobile banking, as well as online banking solutions
    • A strong empowerment of the customer, thanks to a 100% online experience that covers all customer journeys
    • A high level of customization and flexibility thanks to bundles that can be tailored by the customer and that can be suspended or modified at each monthly renewal date

    Win’s experience has been a very interesting incubator of some key digital capabilities (e.g.; Agile Delivery Model, State of the Art architecture and technology, Digital marketing expertise…) that have allowed it to further accelerate the company’s overall digital transformation and expand the breadth of digital services to all of inwi’s customers.

  3. What is the core target audience of “win by inwi”?

    “Win by inwi” naturally attracts a young, tech-savvy population, with a strong appeal to a wider range of people as well.

    The typical clients are usually looking for a wide range of usages (e.g., messaging, social networking, gaming, streaming…)

  4. How did Win’s experience become a catalyst for inwi’s digital transformation?

    The feedback we have been able to collect from our customers, as well as our various studies, show a rather strong commitment and appreciation by Moroccan customers for the digital journeys that are offered to them, journeys that often exceed their expectations.

    This feedback gave us a strong comfort to continuously improve our digital experience and to re-use the learnings from the “win by inwi” adventure to further strengthen our positioning as a digital leader in our market. Such learnings include:

    • Ability to deliver a highly scalable, state-of-the-art digital solution that properly responds to client expectations
    • Adaptation of our Delivery model to integrate digital development best practices like Design Thinking, Agile Delivery, Software craftmanship…
    • Adjustment of our Business Operating Model to factor in the requirements of High Availability and impeccable service that come with a 100% digital product
    • Ability to leverage best-in-class Digital Marketing practices to drive the end-to-end product conversion funnel

    These learnings have been successfully reused to accelerate the digital transformation on all our business lines. One good example is the implementation of our new selfcare app, “my inwi,” that strongly improves the autonomy of our customers and offers them an ever-improving digital experience with our solutions.

  5. What’s new for 2023?

    Improving our digital value positioning continues to be our top priority. We have, as such, recently introduced a new remodeling of our digital offers with unlimited access to social networks.

    We are planning to continue improving our digital experience by systematically collecting client feedback and improving our journeys, as well as testing new ideas.

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