Along the sidelines of MWC 2023, Telecom Review had an exclusive interview with Chen Zhiping, vice president and GM of branding and PR strategies, ZTE, in which she discussed the company’s approach to branding and marketing, their innovative products and solutions as well as her views as a woman in the ICT sector, among other insights.

Coming from a technical background, how do you plan to bring ZTE to the next level? How did ZTE's brand core evolve over the years?

Here at ZTE, we focus on the human dimension of our technology and how we can apply it to improve people's lives. As someone with a technical background, I really relate to ZTE's technical advancements, our products and even to the pain points I hear about from time to time from our customers.

Our branding and marketing activities aim to establish this human dimension to help customers better understand how technology can benefit them — in practical, tangible ways.

Over the past few years, we have used innovative marketing and communication channels, including VR webinars, virtual exhibitions, online meetings and live-stream product launch events, to interact with stakeholders such as global media and our customers. We have continued to elevate the ZTE experience for our consumers.

From a B2B marketing perspective, ZTE is expanding its business across various industries. From a B2C perspective, we aim to establish an authentic image of their brand with a human touch. We employ a wide range of approaches and channels to effectively convey our innovative vision and brand story to customers online and off.

ZTE's approach to branding and marketing allows us to connect with our customers, expand communication channels and establish trust in our technology.

Amid a competitive sector and changing customer demands, in which market should you promote ZTE more, and what are the steps being taken to achieve this?

ZTE is committed to a globalization strategy that focuses on high-value markets to achieve high-quality growth. Our primary focus has always been B2B, which we continue to prioritize. However, with the advent of new technologies and new applications of technologies, we are using more innovative methods to drive digital transformation across various vertical industries.

How will the industrial revolution in China and overseas impact ZTE’s long-term roadmap for success?

As a world-leading telecom company, ZTE takes full pride in China's global leadership in 5G development and digital transformation. We have many successful products and services that customers worldwide can enjoy.

We are committed to rapid development through a "twin curves (tracks)" approach. The first one is focused on strengthening our position and maintaining steady growth in our operators' businesses.

The second one focuses on creating new horizons and achieving rapid growth by developing new business ventures such as servers and storage, terminals, 5G industry applications, automotive electronics, digital energy and other opportunities that build upon our original telecom business.

To achieve this, we've adjusted our organizational structure to serve our customers better, establishing specialized departments such as automotive electronics product lines, smart home product lines, digital energy operation departments and special teams for the mining, metallurgical and steel industries.

In short, ZTE is committed to innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions that benefit our customers around the world. By maintaining our steady growth and exploring new business ventures, we’re excited to continue to lead the way in 5G development and digital transformation worldwide.

How does digital innovation, driven by 5G and other technologies, help strengthen ZTE’s reputation with its customers and partners?

ZTE is a proud pioneer of the 5G industry, focusing on driving growth and promoting a new era of connectivity. As a global leading provider of 5G network products, ZTE is at the forefront of innovation, and we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform how we connect and live.

Our industry application platform is a testament to this commitment, offering groundbreaking solutions that enable vertical industries such as 5G industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, energy, and transportation. By leveraging our technologies, we help businesses modernize and thrive in the digital age.

Our products and solutions have received many accolades, including seven nominations and two awards at this year's GSMA Global 5G Hub. These recognitions inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of what 5G can do and to deliver even more innovative solutions that benefit our customers around the world.

At ZTE, we believe that 5G represents a new era of connectivity, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this revolution. By constantly innovating and delivering new solutions that enable businesses to thrive, we're driving growth and prosperity in the 5G industry and beyond. We're passionate about the possibilities of 5G, and we look forward to working with our customers to build a brighter, more connected future.

As a pioneering female executive at ZTE, what is the importance of having gender equity in the workplace, and how would you encourage other women to explore and contribute to the ICT field?

Life is full of possibilities. I’m grateful for the trust and support provided by ZTE. I believe that gender equity in the workplace is essential for creating a dynamic and innovative work environment. It's important to encourage women to explore and contribute to the ICT field, and I believe that ZTE is an excellent place for them to do so.

During my two decades at ZTE, I've had the support, guidance and freedom to explore and rise through the company. Currently, as the general manager of branding and communication, I'm responsible for making sure that ZTE is well-known, well-regarded and welcomed by our customers and the public at large around the world. I like to believe that ZTE put me in a position to achieve this.

Drawing on my technical background, I've been able to think creatively and tell captivating stories that resonate with our customers. The development of our brand is a collaborative effort that requires both company and customer support. At ZTE, we strongly emphasize diversity and inclusiveness, and we've been recognized as a Top Female-Friendly Company in 2022.

Building a solid brand image is crucial for any enterprise, and it's similar to the process of developing products. It requires careful planning, development and effective communication.

I encourage women to explore and contribute to the ICT field, and I'm proud to be part of a company that values gender equity, diversity and inclusiveness. ZTE is an excellent place for women to build their careers and positively impact the world.

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