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Luis del Valle Alemán, chief revenue officer, Atrebo, spoke exclusively to Telecom Review during the MWC2023 and revealed how his company is forging strong partnerships to strengthen an efficient ecosystem for MNOs and TowerCos.

Please tell us about Atrebo’s positioning in the Middle East region, where it has identified areas to offer expertise and solutions to address the current challenges of MNOs and TowerCos.

We, at Atrebo, are very much focused on the Middle East, as we can see that this is a market where we can provide all the experience that we have gathered through the years in other markets like Latin America, Europe and Africa. We are bringing in a comprehensive solution for TowerCos and MNOs to control their assets and infrastructure throughout all operations. We believe in long-term relations, and we want to extend our partnerships with the players in this region. We have already signed a very relevant partnership with Sofrecom, and we trust that together, we can help the MNOs and TowerCos address all the current challenges that they're facing in this region that is blooming and is undergoing probably the greatest evolution in the world.

What has the 2022 Telecom Review Award recognition meant for Atrebo?

We are proud of being awarded the Telecom Review Award in 2022 for the Best Global Smart Infrastructure Management Solution. This recognition has strengthened and encouraged us to follow and focus on trying to work with all the partners in the Middle East, and we feel like part of a big family as a newcomer. This is an opportunity for us to embrace all the partnerships as well as the challenges in this region. We are very excited about all the opportunities that our clients have given us.

Please give us a glimpse into Atrebo’s involvement in the Tower Automation Alliance (TAA) camp.

We have created an alliance of technological partners where we are putting together all the best of what new technologies can bring for the automation of the towers, like IoT, automatic structural calculation, blockchain, autonomous inspection and so on. We are also working with the main players to identify new challenges and find efficient ways of automation. We invite all the players in the Middle East region to join this alliance and work with us in this ecosystem of open innovation that we've created. I'm also very proud to announce that Telecom Review is our official media partner, and we want to thank them for giving us the opportunity of being part of a great alliance.

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