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During GITEX GLOBAL, Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Mohammad Alakhras, VP of Sales, International Business Development, Etiya. He shared details on how they empower CSPs in providing exceptional CX, how their portfolio adapts to AI, and the steps they are taking to expand Etiya’s footprint.

Can you give us a brief outlook on the importance of delivering the best customer experience to CSPs? How does Etiya provide this?

Delivering the best customer experience (CX) to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) is paramount in today's competitive telecom landscape. CSPs recognize that a satisfied and loyal customer base is not only key to retaining existing business but also to acquiring new customers. CX directly impacts customer loyalty and profitability.

Etiya understands the significance of CX in the telecom sector, and we've made it a core focus. Our cloud-native digital BSS solution is designed to empower CSPs to provide exceptional CX. We achieve this through various means:

  • Personalization: Leveraging advanced AI and data analytics, our solutions enable CSPs to comprehend each customer's unique preferences and needs. By delivering tailored services and offers, CSPs can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase revenue.
  • Microservice Architecture: Microservice architecture is pivotal in bringing flexibility, scalability, and speed to CSPs. Our cloud-native, microservice-based Digital BSS elevates capabilities, allowing CSPs to swiftly adapt to customer requirements and evolving market demands, without compromising system performance and stability.

In summary, Etiya's cloud-native digital BSS empowers CSPs to provide outstanding CX through personalization and flexible microservice architecture. This is essential in a dynamic telecom landscape, ensuring CSPs remain competitive and responsive to their customers' ever-changing needs.

AI is currently disrupting the world, including the telecom sector. What is Etiya's position on this, and how would your service portfolio adapt to this evolving technology?

Etiya fully embraces AI as a transformative force in the telecom sector. We see AI as an opportunity, not a challenge. Our portfolio is designed to adapt and evolve alongside this disruptive technology.

Etiya’s AI expertise and platform capabilities are used to differentiate the BSS platform via better customer insights, more personalized customer experiences and increased process automation. Knowing your customers’ behaviour and needs allows personalized customer interactions and service targeting. And supports smart decision making during the customer journey, that will ultimately drive both customer and employee efficiency and satisfaction.

We use innovative AI technologies, including natural language processing (NLP) techniques and predictive analytics to help companies transform their businesses and reduce costs.

Our service portfolio will continue to adapt to evolving AI technology. We invest significantly in research and development to ensure that our clients can leverage AI's power for predictive maintenance, real-time analytics, and highly personalized services. Our solutions are AI-ready, and we'll continue to innovate, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the telecom sector.

What is the key to expanding Etiya's global operations? What is your current footprint in the Middle East, and how will GITEX be a suitable platform for further expansion?

The key to expanding Etiya's global operations is understanding regional markets and meeting specific customer needs. We recognize that different regions have unique demands, and our success is in aligning our services with these market specifics.

GITEX is an ideal platform for further expansion. It allows us to demonstrate our innovative solutions, showcase success stories, and engage with potential clients and partners in the region.

Our approach at GITEX and in other expansion efforts is to collaborate closely with local stakeholders, build strong relationships, and communicate the value we bring to the Middle East. By aligning our services with the specific demands of the region, we aim to strengthen our presence and deliver greater value to Middle-Eastern CSPs.

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