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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Omar Beydoun, Country General Manager - UAE, at Atos, shared his insightful views about the telecom and technology sector in the UAE, as well as the company’s sustainable IT practices, digital transformation initiatives and successful collaborations.

"As a global leader in digital services, Atos is committed to nurturing technology's future while safeguarding the planet's future. Hence, we follow a holistic approach to sustainable IT services,” explained Beydoun.

In the vibrant landscape of the UAE, ensuring the sustainable growth of the Digital and Information Technology sector is important. It necessitates a multi-faceted approach: innovation, environmental stewardship, and a profound commitment to societal welfare.

Innovating Responsibly: Atos UAE's Sustainable IT Journey

The revolution of integrating sustainable IT services is now reshaping the way businesses become socially responsible and intensifying the act of preserving the environment.

Atos UAE underscores its commitment to sustainability in operations by directing investments toward renewable energy sources and the enhancement of its Digital Transformation programs’ execution. Their pledge includes a goal to derive the vast majority of their worldwide energy consumption from renewable sources.

The company is deeply involved in carbon offset initiatives, guaranteeing not only a reduction in net carbon emissions but their complete neutralization. Additionally, they incorporate circular economy principles into their business model to extend the life of IT equipment, reduce electronic waste and advocate responsible recycling.

Beydoun noted, "By harnessing advanced technology and innovative approaches, Atos is not only decreasing its carbon footprint but also empowering businesses to follow suit."

Regarding the procurement of products and services, Atos maintains strong collaboration with suppliers who are aligned with their dedication to sustainability and ethical business standards. They go a step further by encouraging employees to embrace sustainable behaviors both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Fostering education and raising awareness about sustainability also stands as a core focus within Atos' initiatives.

Green Transformation: UAE Embraces Sustainability

Substantial shifts in the UAE's corporate landscape are anticipated over the next decade, fueled by factors including technological progress, economic diversification and an increasing focus on sustainability.

With the ongoing adoption of green technology, Beydoun underscores the likelihood of businesses directing investments towards energy-efficient systems, renewable energy sources and eco-conscious practices as a means to curtail their carbon footprint. Concurrently, the drive for regulatory compliance will usher in a transition toward sustainable business models and environmentally friendly processes. Governments’ increased attention to sustainability is also poised to introduce more stringent regulations and heightened compliance standards.

There has also been a greater emphasis on CSR endeavors linked to sustainability within businesses. Moreover, prioritizing collaboration with technology partners and suppliers who share a commitment to environmental consciousness will be a key objective.

Having said that, Atos envisions a surge in upcoming green infrastructure projects, encompassing sustainable construction, eco-sensitive transportation systems and the development of smart cities.

"These endeavors will not only diminish our ecological footprint but also pave the way for fresh business prospects across industries," added Beydoun.

Atos: Powering the Digital Shift in the UAE’s Telecom Industry

The Middle East is a strategic region for the Atos Group to support the countries in redefining new ways of doing business through digitalization and innovation. As a trusted digital partner, the Atos team in the Middle East contributes to the success of its telecom partners.

Citing notable partnerships, Beydoun highlighted, “Atos, as a global frontrunner in digital transformation, has played a pivotal role in empowering the regional telecom operators with groundbreaking solutions.”

Atos is harnessing 5G and IoT technologies to support telecom operators in enhancing their network performance and explore new revenue streams. With emphasis on data governance and making leverage of API economies, Atos is helping its customers perform at their best and inspire constant improvement.

AI constitutes yet another domain that Atos is leveraging for the telecom sector. As we know, telecom networks generate massive amounts of data regularly. Through the utilization of machine learning algorithms, Atos is aiding operators in analyzing this data and detecting patterns to forecast prospective network outages and improve efficiency and coverage.

As a testament to their achievements, Atos works in close collaboration with its clients on executing comprehensive digital transformation strategies, to boost customer experience and improve sustainable journeys. Themodernization of outdated systems alongside the enhancement of operational efficiencies across the entire organization is part of Atos’ pledge to develop sustainable strategies for deploying emerging technologies.

In a broader context, Atos' ground-breaking solutions are spearheading a sustainable digital evolution that encompasses all sectors of UAE society, driven by the emergence of a wide array of new technologies. Beydoun concluded with optimism, stating, "This expertise has been pivotal in transforming telecommunications services, leading to improved customer experiences, cost efficiencies and enhanced network performance. At the current trajectory, we can anticipate a host of promising developments on the horizon."

As UAE prepares to host COP28 later in this month, Atos is also gearing up to hold its own Sustainability Conference in Dubai on 6th December.

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