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In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Mohammed Al Alawi, Head of Enterprise, Vodafone Oman, elaborated on the company’s efforts in supporting its enterprise customers to streamline their businesses with the most advanced and technologically enhanced solutions to maximize productivity and efficiency within its operations.

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What are Vodafone Oman’s ambitions in the B2B sector?

We derive our visions for Vodafone Oman from our vision, which is to digitalize the Omani way of life; and our mission, which is to empower Oman with differentiated digital experiences. This also applies to our B2B vision of introducing advanced technologies and building a connected ecosystem with services that address the current and future needs of Omani businesses, including mobility plans and SMS portals. Another critical area is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is transforming industries by enabling smarter operations, increased efficiency, and better decision-making through real-time data insights. We plan to introduce IoT solutions that cater to various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and agriculture. These solutions will help businesses optimize their processes, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

Moreover, we aim to address the broader business communication and technology needs of Omani enterprises. This includes offering comprehensive connectivity solutions, unified communications, and cloud services that facilitate seamless collaboration and enhance operational efficiency. By providing these services, we aim to support businesses in their digital transformation journeys, enabling them to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

What are the recent developments in Vodafone Oman's customer journey experience? Would you like to highlight any particular initiatives?

Customer experience is a crucial component in all our go-to-market strategies, including the enterprise customers. We are leveraging our learnings from our consumer offering as well as our Vodafone global experiences, and have introduced an advanced and sophisticated enterprise customer journey and experience. Based on these learnings and the full market research that we have done to identify some of the pain points and needs (especially in the enterprise domain), we have come up with several differentiators that we hope will serve our enterprise customers. Our goal is to provide business customers with simplicity, usability, predictability and, above all, value for money.

In this regard, the key services that we have designed within Black for Business include:

  • Self-Service Portal: Enables businesses to manage their mobile communication requirements quickly and digitally
  • Adoption of a Hybrid Model: Allows employees and administrators to cater to their needs and avoid billing shocks
  • Take Your Home Tariff Abroad (TYHTA): Enables customers to travel abroad and enjoy their packages as if they are in Oman
  • Dedicated Account Management: Ensures support on-demand regardless of business size
  • Dedicated Call Center Line: Exclusively for enterprise customers

How is Vodafone Oman leveraging emerging technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), in enhancing its service offerings?

In Vodafone Oman, we are leveraging AI, automation and machine learning (ML) in many ways, specifically in our network performance monitoring and cybersecurity processes, making our services faster, safer and more efficient.

Specifically for cybersecurity, we leveraged Copilot GenAI to automate and orchestrate our security operations, creating a zero-touch security operation center (SOC). This innovation has reduced our incident response time to under 10 minutes, enhancing our ability to swiftly mitigate threats.

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