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Sofrecom and Comsof will cooperate more closely to plan and design future-proof fiber networks in the MENA region. Telcos can benefit from the combination of Sofrecom's consultancy and analytical experience in this sector and the state-of-the-art fiber planning tool of Comsof, resulting in huge planning and design benefits and less worrying about human-made errors.

FTTx rollouts are on the rise everywhere in the world and the Middle-Eastern and North-African region are no exception. It's vital to invest in a fiber network that's able to handle the challenges of tomorrow: self-driving cars, HD video streams, VR and AR applications, etc. Deploying a FTTx network is capital intensive. It can run into billions for the larger ones. So, you better be thoroughly prepared before you start.

That's why Sofrecom, subsidiary of Orange Group, specialized in the telco sector, decided to team up with Comsof to help companies and governments plan and design their FTTx projects. Sofrecom has years of experience in analyzing and supporting telecom projects. Its consultants closely collaborate with clients to get a clear picture of a complex project. They are experts in spotting challenges and extracting all possible requirements to make a project successful.

With this knowledge, Comsof engineers configure Comsof's software to the clients' needs. FiberPlanIT is the world's leading FTTx planning and design tool, it has been used in over 200 projects in more than 50 countries.

The result is automated software which is fully adapted to the clients' rules, demands and needs, meaning massive time-saving, more reliable figures, and less worrying about possible human-made inaccuracies. As the software is already modified to the clients' specifications, it's deployable for future FTTx network roll-out endeavors.

"There's a good match between Sofrecom and Comsof", explains Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof. We've known each other for a few years and we've done some projects together in the Middle-East. I was continuously impressed in how Sofrecom consultants can unravel a complex project. This in combination with our smart software entails many advantages for anyone who wants to build quality FTTx networks."

"We are delighted with this partnership. The complementary expertise of Sofrecom and Comsof is a real asset to provide concrete answers to our customers who seek quality, efficiency and performance. We can offer our clients methods, tips and tools to succeed in Fiber Optics projects", says Thierry Papin, Deputy General Manager of Sofrecom.

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