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Ja-Square, a Lebanese-based company that specializes in producing smart technological solutions and IoT services has been showcasing its latest innovations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Ja-Square has established itself as a key player in addressing acute technology problems facing governments and large enterprises across the Middle East since its inception in 2012.

The company has enjoyed phenomenal growth during that timeframe and is now recognized as being a market leader in terms of producing high-tech and up-to-date innovative concepts in the ICT ecosystem. The DNA of Ja-Square is to enable individuals, governments and businesses to realize their full potential.

Telecom Review managed to secure an exclusive interview with Dr. Ziad Al Jamal onsite at MWC in an effort to find out more about their new technological solutions and why they’re resonating so much with the marketplace.

According to Al Jamal, what differentiates Ja-Square is their ability to address issues for large-scale corporations in a practical and cost-effective way.

Al Jamal said, “Our solutions can address major problems for governments that encounter obstacles in terms of receiving payments for water and electricity bills. The smart solutions can’t be manipulated, they can’t be tampered with. They provide real-time information, which enables both the individual homeowner and government entities to be able to manage their electric and water consumption.”

The charismatic Al Jamal explained that receiving data is all well good, but stressed that it is critical that you’re able to utilize that data in order to make informed decisions.

Al Jamal continued, “It’s not good enough to simply just read data, you need to read it, control it and then use the information being conveyed to you in an efficient way. You’re reducing your operational expenditure by not having to send someone to physically collect this data from the home, and also to try and retrieve outstanding fees. This solution gives governments control in a practical, effective and cost-efficient way.”

Al Jamal also added that a number of major enterprises and government entities have expressed huge interest in their diverse portfolio of solutions during MWC, and that they will engage in further talks in the next few weeks.

The full version of this interview will be published in April’s edition of Telecom Review, which will feature all of the activity and announcements we’ve covered from the ICT industry’s flagship show in Barcelona. 

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