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Every technological advancement has had a direct impact on our lives, aiming to make our lives and society more efficient and effective. The internet has truly changed the way people live, work and operate today. The impact is significant not only in our personal lives, but in business as well, adding convenience and driving productivity in ways unimaginable.

Businesses today are using different digital technologies – from cloud to AI to IoT and cybersecurity solutions - to thrive and survive in this constantly evolving environment, what is now being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution or industry 4.0. In this increasingly digital, global economy, business transformation must have speed, scope and impact. As transformation gains momentum in businesses, new possibilities present themselves. For example, the use of AI-enabled tools in customer service can inspire a business to extend the use of AI to increase efficiencies in internal collaboration too through more automated processes that shift administrative tasks from humans to machines.

Building the right foundation for technology-enabled business transformation

Never have these technology trends been more critical for success than now. They have made the actual application environment more complex and have led to a greater importance of network which is global, reliable, secure and scalable. The network is the core foundation which enables these technologies.

Tata Communications is truly distinguished by the strength of its network. We have the world's first wholly-owned global submarine cable network, which forms a complete and robust ring around the world. Today, we carry 30% of world’s internet routes. We believe in bringing connectivity and network access to regions across the globe, enabling enterprises and service providers to leverage the power of our network and our suite of products and services to fulfil their business ambitions. And this is true for the Middle East region as well.

For example, we recently extended our partnership with Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) to offer flexible and reliable data connectivity and expanded global reach to service providers, mobile network operators (MNOs), OTTs, content aggregators and ISPs in Bahrain. 

Partnering for success

This new collaboration with BIX will activate Tata Communications’ 100G enabled TGN-Gulf cable landing in Bahrain with BIX, thereby bringing in a new era of high speed international connectivity to the OTTs and content providers in Bahrain and opening doors for more of these next-gen providers to use Bahrain as a hub to serve the Middle Eastern countries.

The combination of BIX local/regional strength and Tata Communications’ global network will provide customers with highly resilient network connectivity with increased reach in the Middle East and globally. Service providers will be able to leverage Tata Communications’ global suite of services through BIX including IP Transit, MPLS, Managed DDoS (security), Disaster Recovery, Hybrid Cloud and other next-gen services.

As a leading provider of global digital infrastructure services, Tata Communications is committed to offering integrated, globally managed tech solutions that underpin the fast-growing digital economy. We focus on helping our customers and partners make the most of the latest network, cloud, IoT, mobility, collaboration and security technologies, and leverage them to transform how they operate and improve customer experiences.

Ultimately, we want to enable our customers’ digital future today, while also partnering with them with governments and with society to build a better tomorrow. We are glad to be able to partner with companies like BIX in the Middle East and look forward to forging strategic partnerships locally to strengthen the digital infrastructure of the region.

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