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As our habits shift to expect web-based delivery of nearly everything, a new architecture for content delivery is necessary. Applications from high-quality streaming video to connected cars require low latency, high capacity performance that strains today’s networks. The Open Edge Cloud model for service providers changes the content delivery conversation with a new edge computing architecture. This places service providers back in the content delivery value chain, opening the door to new business models, customers and revenue from the OTT ecosystem.

It’s time to go to the edge

Delivering CDN functionality over a distributed open edge delivery architecture, Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution pushes the content caching and delivery far out to the edge of the network, close to consumers.

Qwilt’s solution establishes a distributed edge computing layer in the last mile of service provider networks, creating a powerful content and application delivery architecture with open APIs for publishers. The Open Edge Cloud establishes a new model for content delivery – one built for the network capacity and performance demands happening today and expected tomorrow.

Qwilt’s new content delivery model is a win for service providers, saving millions of dollars you would have spent to expand your network. It’s a win for content publishers, because it means more capacity and lower cost for delivering their content. And it’s a win for consumers who can stream and download with the quality and speed they demand. This isn’t just an interesting idea. It’s already working.

Over 100 service providers around the world have installed thousands of Qwilt edge servers inside their networks, including live deployments with major service providers in the Middle East and Africa.

Learn how you can generate new revenues, reduce network costs, improve QoE and take greater control: qwilt.com/MEA.

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