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Monty Mobile, a leader in VAS, a telecom solutions provider and an international SMS wholesale intermediary hub, has struck a new strategic acquisition of a reputable financial institution.

Details of the transaction were not disclosed. However, a source close to the deal, who requested to remain anonymous, indicated that Monty Mobile has been going through exhaustive discussions with several regional and global financial institutions. Furthermore, the value created through this transaction will not be simply seen in terms of a new entity usual acquirement, yet considerations will focus on the synergies and unique services that will be generated. 

This acquisition will open the way toward a revolutionary financial world. It is rumored that Monty Mobile has a plan to launch a fund with an estimated amount of $6 Billion. It will enter in co-investments with mobile network operators through various projects by offering customized financing facilities and innovative Fintech services. In addition, it will become an essential financial support for mobile network operators leading to their continuity and improved growth prospects.

With over 4 billion worldwide subscribers and an exposure in more than 120 countries, Monty Mobile has proven its capacity to be a key player in the industry and a determination to always move forward.

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