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2021 has arrived with great prospects for software companies. New projects, challenges and clients are defining Atrebo’s strategy for this year. Atrebo is an infrastructure automation and management platform provider which has been supporting MNOs and towercos since 2011.

Atrebo develops a specialised solution, named TREE, that helps telcos run all the processes and workflows related to the towers’ infrastructure, covering the full life cycle of these assets, from planning an acquisition, contract management and installation, maintenance, finance, to access control, IoT sensors, smart lock integration and autonomous drone inspection integration, energy efficiency or document management and business intelligence, currently holding more than 30 modules.

With more than 200,000 sites managed in cloud and on-premise deployments, and offices in Spain and Brazil, Atrebo’s natural areas of influence have been Europe and Latin America, with a long-time trust by clients like Telefónica or Vodafone. Being the undisputed leader in LATAM, the software company has decided to explore new markets as part of their strategy for 2021.

“We understand the highly competitive environment in which our customers operate, therefore, our platform is evolving faster than ever before, so that their objectives are met with great accuracy”, said Jesús del Estad CEO at Atrebo.

Atrebo became part of the game in 2011, and now, proudly announces the company's tenth anniversary with goals achieved

They had developed projects in 13 countries 4 in Europe, Spain, Italy and Norway and the rest in Latin America, in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, or Peru, among others. Much effort and commitment have been put into achieving their goals, which has turned out to be a great success for the company by becoming leaders of the market in asset and infrastructure management for Towercos and MNOs in Latin America.

Clients such as Telefónica and Vodafone have relied on them from the get-go, and remain part of their enlarging family of operators and towercos. A company composed of professionals with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, IT and software engineering of the highest level.

“Telefónica is a pioneer in digital transformation and we have found in TREE the ideal tool to manage the network deployment process. We already have it implemented in 13 of the 17 operators of the group and the benefits are immeasurable”, explained Nilmar Seccomandi Telefónica, head of network infrastructure.

With regard to the deployment process, Nilmar Seccomandi added, “The implementation of TREE at Telefónica has meant the beginning of a solid digitalisation process for the management of our infrastructures. The tool currently manages almost 100,000 sites and has been key to complying with IFRS16 accounting standards.”

In the case for Telefónica, goals included 30% productivity improvement or 25% in cost reduction, but as the project evolved, new objectives arised, like having a consistent database, something that was addressed with the help of the data quality module included as part of the platform.

Data is key, and this is especially critical when managing information from legacy systems or integrating with third party applications like the ERP SAP. Atrebo has a long-time experience making a reality the goal of having a single source of truth, cloud or on-premise, for MNOs and towercos that want to have a clear picture of what is happening in all the processes, many times involving a number of areas across a company, and when transparency is a must.

Middle East, Northern and Western Europe and Asia Pacific are officially part of their expansion’s plans

Their circumstances and market demands have led them to expand their coverage to new locations, like planning the opening of a new office in Dubai to support future operations in the MENA region.

As Luis del Valle, their chief revenue officer, mentioned to Telecom Review recently, TREE is their core product, which is characterized for being a trustful and secure ecosystem, where all data managed will always meet legal standards and privacy policy demands, and this is especially important in many countries where telecom networks are considered as part of their critical infrastructure. Atrebo is very well used to meet high-security requirements with on-premise deployments.

Expansion’s expectations not only cover new locations. New borders in regard to market opportunities are being developed.

When thinking about deploying a new solution there is only one word: ROI

With 10 years of experience behind, Atrebo understands the enormous potential that data compilation and infrastructure automatization can offer to traditional industries, but one thing is always in mind when approaching a project: the return of investment for their clients.

In this case there are many processes that help clients achieve it, like contract management for the reduction of costs in leases, energy expenditure, processes optimisation or having a full control in the accesses to sites.

Automation: not just another buzzword

As founders of the Tower Automation Alliance, Atrebo knows where automation stands in telco, this is why they have recently released an interesting ebook in the matter. if you would like to know the answers to questions like:

  • What is infrastructure automation in telecommunications?
  • How are telcos automating their operations?
  • How automation of infrastructures can help the telecom industry?
You can download their ebook.
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