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As a key step towards releasing multiple critical bands for a wide range of digital radio services,
the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) published a public consultation on its Spectrum Auction 2021 as part of the implementation process for 'Spectrum Outlook for commercial and Innovative use 2021-2023', which was published earlier this year.

The auction aims to allocate a wide range of bands, including the 600, 700, 2100 and 3800 MHz bands. Moreover, the published document consults about releasing UHF spectrum bands to provide specialized broadband services and enable industrial IoT applications for enterprises.

CITC seeks to efficiently allocate spectrum in the Kingdom to enable a broad range of market-driven use cases, and aims to enable innovative use cases across different industries and verticals as part of Saudi Arabia's drive to build a digital society using IoT, 5G, and new generations of satellite technologies.

CITC is inviting all parties nationally and internationally, including wireless technology investors, ICT service providers and vendors, as well as industrial entities and spectrum users, to provide their feedback and engage in this process to better support the outcomes of this auction. Participants are invited to submit their comments by 8 July 2021 by visiting this link.

Earlier, CITC announced the implementation of a regulatory framework to beef up cybersecurity in the Kingdom. The “cybersecurity regulatory framework” for service providers in the communications, IT, and postal (services) sector aims to raise the security levels of service providers.

It seeks to ensure the implementation of adequate cybersecurity measures following the best international practices.

The regulatory framework contains a comprehensive set of cybersecurity requirements and controls that will contribute to regulating the communications, IT, and postal service sectors, according to the statement.

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