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Digital transformation is at the core of Etisalat’s strategy and encompasses a broad spectrum of initiatives, including new cloud-based products and services, the enhancement and development of its digital channels and the transformation and automation of internal as well as customer-facing processes through the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or AI-driven platforms. Digital channels such as mobile apps, websites or customer portals will continue to play a major role in both distribution channels and the maintenance of our brand relevance.

Etisalat is also committed to accelerating digital innovation to contribute to a more sustainable economy. Through sustainable digital innovation, the company aims to meet stakeholders’ evolving needs and enable them to achieve their goals. Here below are the key areas of focus which helped in bringing this to reality,

Robotic Centre of Excellence

Etisalat’s Robotic Centre of Excellence is aimed at delivering a wide variety of automated solutions to boost efficiency and improve productivity leading to greater customer satisfaction.

The centre currently has 141 robots that have saved over 171,000 man hours. The introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is part of Etisalat’s endeavour to drive the digital future and empower society in line with the UAE Vision 2021.

In the digital age, there is a growing need to turn towards emerging technologies to streamline operations and inject greater efficiency into business processes. The opening of the centre addresses the evolving needs of customers, with RPA services improving overall efficiency, speed, and accuracy of our back-office teams enhancing customer satisfaction. Software robots are supporting back-office agents to complete repetitive tasks 70% faster.

Digital customer care

All traditional human-supported customer care channels were digitalized with AI-driven virtual assistant bots, self-help Etisalat mobile app and “Be-Proactive” channels.

The AI-powered virtual agents, whereby 100% of the SME segment customers’ calls, as well as consumer segment calls, engineering, and Central Information Technology (CIT) related calls, were handled by a virtual agent. The Etisalat AI-powered virtual agent is capable of handling 1.5 million transactions on monthly basis.

Digital solutions

The COVID-19 circumstances have heightened the demand for digital solutions across various areas of businesses and processes. In 2020, Etisalat launched a series of tools and services to cater to the market demand and provide means to ease activities and processes through digitisation efforts.

Cloudtalk meeting platform

Due to the high demand for teleconferencing and videoconferencing tools, Etisalat launched the CloudTalk Meeting platform which provides completely secure virtual meetings and online collaboration sessions.

Business Edge

In 2020, Business Edge was launched as an innovative and adaptable platform offering a variety of essential products and services such as smart connectivity tools, communication and collaboration mechanisms, office productivity tools, security and analytics, business devices for employees, and digital marketing solutions, all designed to strengthen the various aspects of any business.

Telemedicine platform

The introduction of the cloud-based ‘Telemedicine Platform’ provides solutions by integrating essential functions within a patient-doctor journey, such as secure video, audio, and chat over internet protocol to support the entire workflow from patient registration, appointment booking, payment collection and remote medical consultation. American Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in the region was the first to utilise the platform hosting more than 2,000 teleconsultations with more than 100 doctors activated to date.

Malaffi software-defined networking in a wide area network (SDWAN)

Malaffi is the region’s first health information exchange platform that safely and securely connects all public and private healthcare providers across Abu Dhabi. Etisalat has taken up the ambitious task of connecting 2,000 clinics in Abu Dhabi on a single SD-WAN fabric.

Etisalat cloud express

This is a secure private connection between the customer’s corporate network and their public clouds, in partnership with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure giving customers a variety of connectivity options to build a high-speed hybrid network for businesses.

Digital Open Innovation Centre

In 2020, the Etisalat Digital Open Innovation Centre was one of the first locations in which customers could experience 5G through holographic communications, and the Etisalat Video Cloud Platform was displayed for the first time. During the Etisalat Innovation Month several universities and organisations were invited to explore innovation in today’s business environment.

With the pandemic the experience was shifted to a virtual digital online platform. The Etisalat Digital Open Innovation Centre received 180 visits in 2020, of which 77% were virtual tours, and 27% were returning customers. Since opening in 2018, Etisalat has received a total of 812 customers of which 63% of visitors were C-level executives during 2020.

UAE trade connect (UTC)

The trade finance platform addresses the risk of double financing and fraud across the UAE. The joint venture currently includes seven local banks, including Commercial Bank International (CBI), Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), Emirates NBD, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), Mashreq Bank, National Bank of Fujairah (NBF), and RAKBANK to develop a new blockchain based trade finance solution.

Amazon Web Wervices (AWS) direct connect partnership

Businesses in the UAE can now transfer critical data directly to the cloud using AWS Direct Connect from their data centre or colocation environment and bypass the public internet.

Smiles app

Etisalat Smiles App is a powerful loyalty programme that also launched a blockchain powered rewards exchange feature enabling customers to keep track of their loyalty points and exchange points between one another. Smiles App has exceeded two million unique users and has continued to expand its reach with over 1,000 partners across

Etisalat digitally transforms customer experience

The end-to-end customer experience was transformed with all the various applications for business users and customers. Etisalat apps include digitisation of processes, product integration, and new features within the app. There is an integrated ‘Central Feedback Management system’ and through its self-serve options customers can control their usage and consumption of data and minutes as well as set limits and data caps.

By 2020, Etisalat achieved a total of 300,000 users registered on the Etisalat Consumer Mobile App, 321,000 users registered on the Etisalat Business Mobile App and 55,000 new users on the B2B Portal.

Smart stores

The Smart Store initiative has digitally and ergonomically transformed existing stores and those opening in new locations across the UAE. These stores allow our customers to undertake end to end transactions digitally, while enjoying a unique shopping experience via our latest digital touch points. In 2020, Etisalat opened 10 new digital stores across the UAE.

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