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Oman Vision 2040’s digital transformation is expected to boost the Sultanate’s ICT market to RO2.2 billion ($5.6 billion) by 2024.

A new whitepaper titled “Navigating Oman’s Vision 2040 Through SAP’s Lens” highlights the digital transformation opportunity for the Sultanate across specific areas.

  1. By investing in its citizens through education, healthcare, and social welfare, Oman will ensure that they have a high quality of life; making them contribute productively to the growth of the nation.
  2. Diversifying Oman’s economy is vital to continue ensuring that residents can pursue gainful employment. Vision 2040 identifies several ambitious economic goals, including making sure that at least 90% of GDP is generated outside of the oil sector.
  3. Vision 2040 identifies that investing in the environment is essential in order to build resilient ecosystems and preserve the sustainability of natural resources.
  4. Vision 2040 also recognizes the importance of comprehensive governance, effective oversight, a swift justice system, and efficient performance.

“Oman’s government agencies can achieve Oman Vision 2040 goals by digitally transforming into Intelligent Enterprises that can integrate back-end operations and centre the citizen experience,” said Waheed Al Hamaid, managing director, SAP Oman. “Citizen engagement platforms can enhance happiness and trust, reduce costs and security risks, and rapidly deploy and future-proof e-services.”

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