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The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) affirmed that the 2G (GSM) shutdown process in the UAE is proceeding according to plan. Scheduled for the end of 2022, service providers (Etisalat and du) will discontinue support for 2G networks completely.

Following this, the sale of 2G-only supported devices will be stopped in June 2022 across UAE markets. TDRA confirmed that this process would redirect the allocated 2G resources in supporting new generations of mobile networks (4G and 5G). In cooperation with service providers, TDRA is focused on building modern and advanced networks that meet the users’ current and future requirements.

TDRA drew the customers’ attention to stop using 2G-only supported devices by the announced date. Instead, devices that support the newer generations of telecom networks should be used to access the best telecom services.

TDRA indicated that this step comes in light of the rapid development of telecom technologies within the ICT sector. Hence, the need to direct all capabilities towards adopting and using the latest and best technologies arises. Overall, this will contribute to achieving a comprehensive digital transformation that ensures the provision of the best smart services.

Dating back to 1994, UAE was a pioneer in implementing 2G. Today, it is a leader in 5G innovation, aiming to meet the needs for a modern and more capable network to communicate between a huge number of devices (IoT). 

This step also reflects the rapid development of the ICT sector, in which mobile networks play a major role. The Emirates’ comprehensive strategy and clear roadmap secure its position at the top of network connectivity. In fact, the UAE ranked 1st on mobile and top 20 in fixed broadband speeds globally.

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