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The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) have signed an MoU to form a permanent joint committee that would develop the system for regulating free competition in the Egyptian telecom market.

The MoU reflects NTRA’s keenness to cooperate with ECA to support the telecom market and create an enabling environment for competition to attract more investments through exchanging experiences.

Moreover, the cooperation aims to synergize the efforts of regulators to integrate work mechanisms when it comes to regulation and supervision, especially in telecommunication which represents one of the main pillars of digital transformation.

The joint committee will be responsible for developing frameworks for the cooperation between the two sides; harnessing ECA’s capabilities and NTRA’s expertise to monitor the telecom sector regularly; and promoting competition in the sector in a way that helps improve the quality of services and facilitate citizens’ access to them, especially with the current orientation towards digitization.

In addition, the committee will work to open new markets in the promising sector as well as predict and prevent economic practices leading to monopolies that may have negative effects on the market.

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