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Bahrain Network (BNET), the country’s national broadband network, announced the launch and implementation of its new portability process for broadband Internet.

This streamlined process will contribute to creating effective and sustainable market competition between service providers. It is worth noting that BNET has taken the initiative to offer this process to the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom, based on the requests received by the service providers.

End users can now transfer their broadband services to their preferred service provider with minimal service disruption. Maintaining the same number, customers can communicate directly with the new provider of choice to commence the transfer process. The old provider will then invoice customers for all fees due until the date of transfer.

On this occasion, Ahmed Jaber Aldoseri, CEO of BNET, stated, “In BNET we seek to achieve one of our strategic goals by presenting the portability process, which ensures the Kingdom’s telecommunication sector’s competitiveness and market adaptability through facilitating and encouraging fair competition among local operators. BNET will continue to work on enhancing this process with the aim of achieving a smooth transition with minimum disruption, as we are very keen to provide the best services to improve and enhance the end-user experience.”

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