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The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) hosted a series of webinars in collaboration with the Communications Regulatory Authority in Qatar (CRA), Liban Telecom (OGERO), Professional Computer Association (PCA) in Lebanon and the Arab ISP and Telecom Association (ARISPA). The webinars were conducted with industry experts who underlined the vital role of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) security and Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) in enhancing network security and strengthening the Internet landscape in Lebanon and Qatar.

The events were convened virtually and highlighted the critical role of network routing in enhancing cybersecurity and offered insights into the deployment of RPKI in networks in Qatar and Lebanon. RPKI is a framework designed to secure the Internet's routing infrastructure to enable network operators to address cybersecurity threats and find appropriate solutions to tackle them.

Chafic Chaya, regional communications manager, RIPE NCC said, “Conducting webinars and training programs with our members and partners underlines our commitment to facilitate the sustainable development of the Internet landscape. Thanks to these sessions, highly-skilled and experienced members in Lebanon and Qatar had the opportunity to share their expertise to support the resilient growth of the Internet and digital infrastructure in the region.”

“As the regional internet registry for the Middle East, Europe and parts of Central Asia, RIPE NCC will continue to offer technical expertise connected with Internet infrastructure and raise awareness on issues of high importance in the digital world such as IPv6 implementation, network security, peering, and Internet governance issues, through workshops and other initiatives,” he added.

The participants gained in-depth knowledge on RPKI, ways to create Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs) for IP address space, how to deploy RPKI validators, how to configure an RTR session between a validator and a router, and how to validate BGP announcements using RPKI data through the webinar.

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