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Kagool, a leading global data and analytics player is expanding into the Middle East and North Africa with the opening of its regional headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Projections indicate that the data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cyber security business in the Middle East and Africa will grow by 20.4% to $28.36 billion by 2026. This projected growth means tremendous opportunities for key players in this industry, and Kagool is in the perfect position to take the lead.

As these new opportunities evolve, the data analytics industry is reimagining what this technology can achieve, thus enabling decision-makers across different verticals such as financial services, manufacturing, retail, and energy to use data to their advantage.

Kagool’s expertise and unique offering in redefining data analytics and prediction through its trademark products Velocity and Pulse highlight its extensive understanding of manufacturing FSI, Retail, and Energy business and leading technologies in the market like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Kagool’s products help clients accelerate analytics with scalable, real-time data ingestion and ready data models that can be optimized to fit different use cases. Kagool’s advanced analytics enables data to be immediately analyzed and optimized, thus transforming business decision-making.

Kagool’s methodology and proprietary technology simplify the data process, allowing customers to have insights into their business in weeks rather than months, with a cost reduction of up to 80%, and proprietary technology simplifies the data process through Pulse and Velocity products.

Pulse is an end-to-end data quality tool that supports companies struggling to acquire insightful and validated data. Pulse supports complex datasets, runs validations across all functional areas and platforms, provides ongoing data governance to support insightful data analytics, and helps in data migration.

Velocity is an industry-leading tool that can be integrated with SAP, Oracle, DB2, and Salesforce, to ingest real-time data into Microsoft Azure to run analytics and prediction in real-time. Velocity handles large data volumes without impacting source performance.

Kagool is now operating in the UK, USA, India, Mexico, Kuala Lumpur, Netherlands, Qatar, and UAE and planning to expand to Saudi Arabia and other regions to support customers’ demand to have insightful data and analytics.

Mohamad Fayez, Managing Director of Kagool MEA, said, "While data is necessary, sifting through the noise to focus on the required information is essential. It is becoming easier to feel overwhelmed by the increasing volume of data that is accessible. Understanding what is critical to the business helps decision-makers evaluate what data counts or should be counted. Kagool’s successful data analytics isolates what matters to the organization, with a team of industry experts and disciplined tools that pinpoint critical and valuable insights."

To drive value from analytics, companies need to act on the insights. Kagool helps organizations string together a series of small analytics wins, so the company can build momentum to the point where the scope and scale of the wins increase exponentially over time.

Dan Barlow, CEO of Kagool, said, “We are very excited to expand into this region as we see great potential across the whole MEA. This region is strategically important as part of our global expansion initiatives, which is why we’re investing $8,000,000 over the next two years to accelerate our market penetration here.”

“We’re clearly at an inflection point regarding cloud adoption in this region. As experts in data modernization, the timing is perfect for us to establish our presence here.”

The UAE is already a global leader in AI adoption and thought leadership, and coupled with Microsoft Data and AI capabilities; we see enormous potential to create world-class innovative solutions”, added Dan.

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