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Nokia is an integral part of the society in the countries where it operates, and Saudi Arabia is the company’s largest market in Middle East and Africa. From this perspective, Saudi Arabia is very important for Nokia, and Nokia is committed to providing its latest technologies including 5G to build a robust digital infrastructure and empower the society. It leverages its end-to-end network technology portfolio to ensure the technological competitiveness and acceleration of the comprehensive digital transformation in the Kingdom in line with Saudi Vision 2030.

At LEAP this year, Nokia’s theme is ‘Powering Saudi Arabia's Digital Future’ and sub-themes are Nokia Vision 2030 (Metaverse beyond 5G), Sustainability and Industry 4.0 (Ready 4.0 Anything messaging).

Nokia Technology Vision 2030: It explores three significant aspects of the technology-driven world in 2030:

  • Key trends which influence the evolution and adoption of technologies towards 2030;
  • The potential of the metaverse as a prime example of technology trend that will drive transformation across all sectors; and,
  • The transformation of the network as the critical enabler of ecosystem transformation.

Metaverse as a technology trend will drive revolutionary transformation across all sectors. And the metaverse won’t exist without the network​. We expect human augmentation and digital-physical fusion to be the key drivers of network transformation in the years ahead. The evolution to 6G​ and network sensing will assume significance in this.

Ready 4.0 Anything: Under this network Nokia showcases and discusses networks built for Industry 4.0; mission, business and society-critical network solutions for​ the acceleration of Industry 4.0 in Saudi Arabia ; and digitalization.

Sustainability: Nokia Sustainability builds on five strategic focus areas: ​Environment - focusing on both climate and circularity; Industrial Digitalization; ​Security & Privacy; ​Bridging the Digital Divide; ​and Responsible Business. ​

Interweaving all these themes, Nokia has brought its most innovative technologies to showcase how the company can power Saudi Arabia’s digital future in support of Saudi Vision 2023. Nokia’s team of experts, partners and leaders will discuss new possibilities for business transformation and digitalization in the Kingdom and in the region.​

Nokia’s Advanced Technologies on Display:

Mobile Networks Business Group’s Self-Organizing Network (SON): Nokia SON helps manage growing network complexity to create flexible solutions that automate operations across diverse eco-systems and address network issues more cost-efficiently. The closed-loop automation and machine learning built into Nokia's self-organizing networks (SON) together allow CSPs to automatically optimize every cell in your radio access network for the best possible performance.

With Nokia’s network slicing, CSPs can create multiple virtual networks, or “network slices,” which can deliver application-specific network performance. By using full automation, you can provide business-intent-driven, reliable and scalable networking to establish long-tail revenue streams that enhance the monetization of your network platform.

Network Infrastructure Business Group brings its innovations in Fixed, IP and Optical networks and SD-WAN areas. Nokia shows multi-terabit secured optical networks;​ broadband for the future now; ​automation;​ IP networking without compromises; and​ Nuage SD-WAN powering the enterprise digital transformation.

Nokia CNS Business Group showcases 5G core security and slicing security orchestration as well as assurance; Nokia Data Marketplace for monetization​; technologies to create value through immersive customer experiences; and Network as Code as well as 5G core Network as a Service.

For enterprises in the public and private sectors such as energy (O&G, mining, utilities), transportation (metro, airports, ports), public safety (private wireless networks) and smart cities in Saudi and the region, Nokia presents various innovative solutions that provide critical communications networks for digital transformation toward Industry 4.0.

Nokia’s Human Resource (HR) pod at the show also assumes significance given the company’s increased focus on inclusion and diversity, and women’s empowerment in line with UNWEP (UN Women’s Empowerment Principles). Since 2021, the UN Women Regional Office for the Arab States (ROAS) has partnered with Nokia to increase the participation of women at all levels of its workforce, including in its operations in Saudi Arabia. As a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, Nokia has committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community. Last year, Nokia in Saudi Arabia launched its inaugural program for women STEM graduates. With this program, Nokia aims to directly increase the number of women with STEM qualifications who work in the tech sector in Saudi Arabia and provide an environment for talented women to thrive professionally.

Join Nokia CEO’s Speech:

Nokia President and CEO, Pekka Lundmark, speaks on “New ground, new worlds, newer networks.” 

Date: Tuesday, February 7th

Visit Nokia’s Booth (H3.B50) to Discover:

  • Ready 4.0 Anything! Nokia is building networks for Industry 4.0, enabling you to take your business wherever you want.
  • Nokia’s 5 strategic focus areas to build towards sustainability, and 
  • Technology Vision 2030: Nokia’s concept of the future of the metaverse.
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