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The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), represented by Director General H.E. Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, participated in the Digital Readiness Retreat, held by the Higher Committee for Government Digital Transformation.

Over 250 officials from 50 ministries and federal entities participated in the event with the aim of enhancing integration and cooperation between government entities digitally.

The opening speech was delivered by H.E. Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and the Future and Chair of the Higher Committee for Government Digital Transformation, in which she focused on digital leadership and its impact on maximizing opportunities for government digital transformation.

H.E. Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar delivered a speech entitled "Forward Ecosystem," derived from the "We the UAE 2031" vision, which represents a national action plan through which the UAE will continue its development journey for the next decade by focusing on the social, economic, investment and development aspects.

He highlighted some international models that made the best use of digital data to achieve government integration and interdependence and succeeded in reaching digital leadership.

Al Mesmar indicated that the UAE society produces a huge volume of data every year through many sources, including:

  • 99% of the population uses the Internet — the highest rate in the world.

  • 10 million active accounts on social media platforms, which exceeds the number of inhabitants.

  • 200% mobile phone subscriptions (per 100 people).

  • 20 million visits annually to the unified digital platform, www.u.ae.

  • 5 million users of UAE Pass, which provides 15,000 services.

  • 7 million digital shoppers in the UAE spend AED 42 billion annually.

  • The size of the digital advertising market is AED 3.7 billion, with a growth rate of 12%.

  • 4.5 million users of digital health apps and services spent AED 909 million in 2022, with an increased rate of 21% annually.

“These numbers are only the tip of the iceberg, as every institution possesses huge amounts of data, and if we collect all of it, it will broaden the prospects of innovation, decision-making mechanisms and the development of modern services and solutions,” Al Mesmar added.

Al Mesmar highlighted some success stories in the field of integration and comprehensive use of data, including the “Mabrouk Ma Yak” package of services as well as "Bashr."

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The retreat also included a presentation by H.E. Eng. Mohammad Al Zarooni, Deputy Director General for the Digital Government Sector, under the title "Enabling Government Digital Transformation," in which he addressed TDRA’s role in enabling government entities in the field of digital transformation. Al Zarooni referred to three layers of digital enablers: the secured infrastructure layer, the integrated government layer and the government application software layer. He also highlighted key figures in relation to some of the enablers, such as the GSB services, through which more than a billion transactions have been completed so far.

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