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The Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), part of Digital Dubai, hosted a workshop for the private sector to discuss the Cyber Force Program, targeting local and international cybersecurity companies.

Launched as a collaboration between DESC and CREST, the Cyber Force Program is designed to regulate government, semi-government and critical information infrastructure (CII) entities’ engagement with cybersecurity service providers.

During the workshop, the criteria DESC identified to ensure the quality of cyber service provision in the Emirate were introduced. In order to secure approval from DESC, service providers need to possess the essential skills and qualifications mandated and adhere to the legal regulations of Dubai. Gaining endorsement from the Dubai Electronic Security Center enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of these service providers.

His Excellency Yousuf Al Shaibani, CEO of the Dubai Electronic Security Center, said: “The Dubai Electronic Security Center is committed to supporting the Dubai Government in its ambitious plans to establish the Emirate as a world leader in innovation, digital transformation, and cybersecurity. We strive to play our part in positioning Dubai as one of the safest cities in cyberspace as the Emirate moves forward with its plans to digitalize every aspect of life for its citizens, residents and visitors.”

“Dubai Electronic Security Center’s collaboration with CREST to introduce the Cyber Force Program — and our role in setting criteria for companies looking to engage with Dubai Government entities — was a notable milestone in implementing the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, where international collaboration is outlined as a key guiding principle,” Al Shaibani added.

The Cyber Force Program emphasizes three primary aspects: skills and competence, methodology and reporting. Individuals and businesses offering services within the program should maintain DESC-approved qualifications and execute services using approaches and techniques acknowledged by DESC. Lastly, it enforces meticulous reporting standards, demanding that reports and recommendations align with established benchmarks.

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