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Orange Jordan has entered into a strategic partnership with Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) to establish a dedicated fifth-generation (5G) cellular network exclusively for ACT. This move is aimed at meeting ACT's specific operational needs and business requirements while providing access to the latest technological solutions, leveraging Orange's global expertise.

With this landmark agreement, Orange Jordan becomes the pioneer in providing cutting-edge 5G communication services within the Kingdom of Jordan and the broader Orange Group in the Middle East and Africa. This initiative follows Orange Jordan's successful launch of 5G technology earlier this year, in July.

The deployment of this high-speed 5G network in the Aqaba region is expected to significantly enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the port area. Additionally, it will offer unprecedented service quality to Aqaba Container Terminal, situated in the industrial port zone. This new infrastructure will also pave the way for innovation and the development of tailored use cases to meet the terminal's unique requirements.

Beyond its immediate impact, this collaboration is anticipated to drive economic growth in the region, positioning itself as a compelling magnet for valuable investments.

Philip Mansour, CEO of Orange Jordan, said: "Our provision of 5G solutions to Aqaba Container Terminal reflects our commitment to embracing the enormous technological shift that 5G represents. This revolutionary technology offers a unique opportunity to enhance competitiveness, efficiency and adaptability. By investing in state-of-the-art technologies, fostering innovation, improving lives and empowering other sectors, Orange Jordan solidifies its position as a leading digital provider and a responsible corporate entity."

Harald Nijhof, CEO of Aqaba Container Terminal, stated: "Our collaboration with Orange Jordan to establish a dedicated network for Aqaba Container Terminal marks a pivotal moment in our journey toward technological excellence. This groundbreaking initiative will significantly enhance our operational efficiency and digital infrastructure in the Aqaba region. We are fully committed to this strategic partnership, which not only supports our current objectives but also lays the foundation for our future strategies and vision. We appreciate Orange Jordan's dedication and excellence in delivering innovative, customized solutions that cater to our diverse requirements. We eagerly anticipate continued success and growth in our partnership."

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